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AdminMod Plugins

If you run Linux, you may need to convert the plugin sources to linux format. All of the plugin files are now distributed as Zip files. Linux guys, unzip the files with -a on the command line which will cause the CRLF chars to be converted to linux LF format.


1. Let non-cheating death users glow in team colors.
2. Fixed Team Balance (PTB) for CS 1.6
3. AWP Restrictions
4. Drop primary weapon at the end of the round.

Let non-cheating death users glow in team colors. Download

This plugin makes players without C-D glow the colour of their team at the start of each round (Yea, you figured, cstrike only). Also gives them a message when making them glow. Requires StatsMe OR LogD.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 23.03.2004

Fixed Team Balance (PTB) for CS 1.6 Download

Hack of PTB. Fixes not recieving all events (Team wins) in steam cs 1.6. Also removed some of the spamming messages, and renamed "PTB" to "Team Balance" in messages since most normal people have no idea what "PTB" means.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 18.07.2004

AWP Restrictions Download

Lets you limit how many AWPs each player can buy per map. Meant to limit people from overusing a very powerful weapon and ruining the game for others possibly.

Admin commands:
admin_awplimit: Set the limit, -1 disables the script
admin_awpexploit: (1) allow known exploit to occur (0) block known weapon restriction exploit (the reason this is an option is so you can catch exploiters red-handed for fun)
admin_awpcheck: Prints list of users' purchase amounts (again, use this to check if they have purchased over the command because it keeps counting)

Public stuff:
checkawp: prints out purchased AWPs
say checkawp: same thing

This plugin needs Statsme.

-[ DLB ]- - Last revised: 27.08.2002

Drop primary weapon at the end of the round. Download

Designed for use with awp_map, where the winning team (who would still have weapons) would spawn shoot the other team at the start of the next round. Designed to level the playing field.
This plugin will cause all primary weapons to be dropped at the end of the round for all players still alive.

This plugin needs Statsme.

-[ Old and Slow ]- - Last revised: 27.08.2002



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