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Admin Mod NEWS


Team Page 21.01.2001

If everyone will just cast their eye's to the left you will notice a new link, "the team". This page just gives a little detail about the people currently involved with helping out with Admin Mod. It only contains active members, for a complete list of people who have helped check out the "credits" page.

-[ alfred ]-

New help page 19.01.2001

Victor had a problem with the help pages, so (unlike some) he decided to fix the problem :) Check out the config page for the new guide for Win32 (windows) users.

-[ alfred ]-

New MySQL version 19.01.2001

I have just re-released the 2.10b version of the MySQL version with the linux binary compiled under RedHat 6.1 (read glibc 2.1). So, this should solve all those loading problems for non RedHat 7.0 users :)
(oh, if you want a linux distribution to install for programming, DO NOT choose RedHat 7.0. I hear Debian is good...)

-[ alfred ]-

Updated MySQL version 17.01.2001

This is an interim release for MySQL users. It fixes the "everyone authing" problem. It also has a couple other MySQL related fixes. Please note - this is BARELY tested, there may be huge bugs in it (I don't think there is, but ...).
Anyway, 2.10b can be downloaded from the downloads page. Also note that this version is built for glibc 2.1 machines, not older machines.

-[ alfred ]-

2.11 14.01.2001

While I am in a posting mood I should do an update about 2.11.
First, let me say I am suprised at the result of the poll, I did not realise that people wanted such stable releases (remember, the v2 series is still beta...). Anyway, that result is going to alter my development plans a bit.
However, I have had a deluge of patches/enchancements from Jag, Florian (Da Rope on the forums), Will and Joe so 2.11 will have some cool new features (and if Will's project pays off, an new way of thinking of plugins ;).
Anyway, even tho release dates are very fluid I want to get 2.11 out in a month or so (with lots of bug fixes (read MySQL working,authentication stuff simplified or more verbose,...)).

-[ alfred ]-

New banner ad 14.01.2001

Okay, I expect everyone has noticed the new banner add at the bottom of the news. Now, even tho I hate them this one has two things going for it. The first is that it is for open source and linux based items, so its the good kind of ads (does such a beast exist??).
The second good (read excellent) point is that it quickly gains points you can redeem for stuff at the VA Linux shop (read here for details).
Anyway, I am going to try it out for a bit and see if I can clothe the whole admin mod team :) (seeing as gets around 400,000 hits a month, we should own VA Linux by the end of the year ;).


-[ alfred ]-

I'm back 09.01.2001

Whelp, I am rested up and ready for some admin mod coding action. ITs great to see the community that has been built up, I will be creating a "team" page soon to give some well deserved credit where it is due.

And I hope everyone has a good new year :)

-[ alfred ]-

Weapons restriction script 09.01.2001

This should really be on the scripting site, but its such a asked for feature I had to post about it.
Joe has created an admin mod script which lets you (the admin) restrict the usage of weapons in Counter-Strike. Go to for more information.

-[ alfred ]-



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