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Admin Mod NEWS


2.11 Status 25.02.2001

I was going to post this on the forum, but I think everyone could be interested.
The code base for 2.11 is progressing well. The code for MetaMod has been intergrated, Jag's new scripting system (plugins) has been intergrated and I have redone the timer system and fixed lots of bugs.
However, all this new code has introduced some bugs and we are still hunting them down. On a personal front my life has got extremely busy
(mainly because of my wedding :) ), so I have not been able to spend the time on Admin Mod that is needed.
So, the 2.11 release is going to be done by someone else on the coding team (it looks like it will be Jaguar at the moment), and he is busy trying to find and fix the bugs now. We do not want to release a buggy version however, so the release date is "when its done".
Well, that is a long post, but it should update everyone on the status of Admin Mod. Oh, and if anyone is board (and can code) feel free to grab the source code out of the CVS server and fix bugs or add new features :)


-[ alfred ]-

New version of ServerInfo released with Admin Mod support 09.02.2001

Serverinfo by Terry now supports admin mod, and in particular it understands the concept of reserved slots. So if you are annoyed by reserve_slots continually stopping you from entering a game grab serverinfo!
It also has support for all the popular mods (FireArms for eg ;), and it has some novel features.

-[ alfred ]-

Updated FAQ 04.02.2001

I have updated the FAQ page with 3 new Question and Answers. They are:

  • How do I enter my CLIENT password into admin mod?
  • How do I uninstall Admin Mod?
  • How can I protect my clan tag?

So pop on over there if you have problems. And if the answers are confusing drop a question in the forums.

-[ alfred ]-

German Translation of Help Guide 03.02.2001

Philipp has kindly done a translation of the help guide to German, so now you can read the help in your mother tounge :) Just click on the config link to download it.

-[ alfred ]-



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What is MS SQL Server?



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