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Admin Mod NEWS


MetaMod 1.07.01 update available 25.05.2001

Will has posted an update to MetaMod over on the MetaMod web site, so if any of the below items interest you, be sure to head over there and update your metamod.dll file on your server machine. A complete list of changes is available on the web site.

  • added complete (hopefully) list of additional entities for Front Line Force 1.2a/1.3.
  • added best-guess list of entities for Day of Defeat b1.1.
  • added best-guess list of entities for Science & Industry 0.97.
  • added better guess list of entites for Action Half-Life b4.
  • shrunk entity lists for Jailbreak and Judgement to include only mod-specific entities (rather than common Valve entities which are in a separate list).
  • Fix to properly compile under MSVC.
  • and more!

-[ greghughes ]-

Updated team page 15.05.2001

The team page has been updated with the names of a special few who have really helped with Admin Mod, but asked nothing in return. These people are Wraith, Bud-froggy and Yensid.

Anyone who has read the forums will know these three because of their ability to put together a helpful post in times of need (or something like that eh guys?).

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod 1.07 Released 12.05.2001

MetaMod 1.07 has been released over at Anyone running Admin Mod 2.5 should hop on over there and grab the latest version. You'll need to replace your metamod.dll in your game's /dlls directory with the one from the MetaMod distribution.

The most visible and significant change (IMHO) is the fix of the "%s" server-crashing bug. A number of other changes are also included, so check the change log on Will's site if you want to know more.

-[ greghughes ]-



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