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Admin Mod NEWS


A little fun and humor for the community... 30.10.2001

From our friend Whizzer comes a little fun and humor... Had to share it with the community.

Hey Gerg,

This is my newest creation about CS, hacking, and how Adminmod saves the day.

I was wondering if you could post a news byte about it.
Thanks, Whizzer!

-[ greghughes ]-

AMX Converter 26.10.2001

Yes folks, the online compiler is gone for good. We won't bring it back up. It's just too much trouble to find out why it keeps eating all of the web server's memory when run via PHP.

But don't despair. We invested some time to help those who run Linux servers but cannot compile plugins under Linux. The result is the Amx Converter. It lets you convert compiled Admin Mod script binaries between Linux and Windows format. Now you can compile your plugins on Windows and then convert them to Linux format.

Get it from the downloads page. There is a GUI version for Windows and a commandline version for Linux.

-[ florian ]-

Bug in 2.50.09 26.10.2001

As some of you may have noticed, in the 2.50.09 version HUD messages (i.e. csay, tsay, rsay) don't get displayed to LAN clients. This is a bug which sneaked in during the switch between CVS modules. A fix should be available on the weekend.

-[ florian ]-

2.50.09 repackaged with correct dll 24.10.2001

Count on me to screw things up. The first release of the 2.50.09 packages had the wrong DLL version coming with them. It let you set the amv_reconnect_time CVar but it didn't use it correctly.

That has been corrected and the 2.50.09 packages have been repackaged with the correct DLL now.

That also means that early updaters who got the 2.50.09 before October 24, 17:30 UTC should get the update package again and replace the DLL (.so) if they want to use this CVar.

Sorry about that.

-[ florian ]-

2.50.09 release! 24.10.2001

Florian has been doing battle with the code and has managed to produce 2.50.09 :)
This version is a MUST for ALL server ops, it fixes a serious security issue with the visibility of passwords to other players. UPDATE NOW!
It should also fix the being dropped at match change problem, some scripting issues and adds some anti cheat options. Check the UPDATE_INFO.txt file in the Admin Mod zip file for details.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download it!

-[ alfred ]-



Would you like Admin Mod to support MS SQL Server?
What is MS SQL Server?



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