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Admin Mod NEWS


AM knowledge tidbits: use_regex 15.02.2002

A little tip randomly picked from our big box labled "Various Admin Mod Infos":

When using regular expressions in your users.ini file (i.e. use_regex set to 1) make sure you have a complete regex and that it matches only what you want it to match. Special characters which are often forgotten are the start "^" and end "$" characters.

Remember, when you have a line like "theo:somepass:12345" in your users.ini and use_regex set, then also the names "theodor" or "antheom" will match and gain admin access. Check if you actually meant "^theo$:somepass:12345".

-[ florian ]-

AMConfig 15.02.2002

Clif has been beavering away and has created a lovely install and configuration tool. AMConfig lets you easily install Admin Mod and keep your server updated :)

Go and grab it now!

-[ alfred ]-

DoD 2.0 and Admin Mod 10.02.2002

Will has released a new version of MetaMod that fixes the flaws that people have been having :)

So jump over to and grab it.

-[ alfred ]-



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