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Admin Mod NEWS


Minor Admin Mod package update to 2.50.56a 08.08.2003

The Admin Mod 2.50.56 package has received a minor update, called 2.50.56a. Note that the Admin Mod DLL binaries did not change, this update only includes a few fixes in configuration and scripting files. The changed files are:
  • plugin_base.sma
  • adminmod.cfg
  • Win32 only: install_admin.vbs
  • Win32 only: the .chm manual file

In addition this version comes with the new Metamod version 1.16.2. See the Change Log for a list of the things fixed. If you already have Admin Mod 2.50.56 installed and want to get the new files, we have an update package with only the changed files in the downloads section available for you.

If your Admin Mod 2.50.56 is running without problems, you probably do not need to care about updating your files.

Since the DLL files did not change, the MySQL package of Admin Mod stays at version 2.50.56. You don't need to update anything special to the MySQL version.

Please note that there are still some known issues with the DLL files, like slot reservation with VALVE ids, that we are currently working on. These should be fixed with the next release.

-[ florian ]-

Metamod 1.16.2 07.08.2003

Metamod was updated to version 1.16.2. This version has updated support for a few MODs:

  • Mod recognition and entities for The Point of No Return v.Beta 4.0.
  • Mod recognition and entities for Master-Sword v1.3, The Wastes RC
    1.2, and Monkeystrike v1.2.
  • Additional entities for Natural Selection v2.0, The Specialists v.Beta 2.0, Earth's Special Forces v.Beta 1.1, The Battlegrounds v1.2,and International Online Soccer v2.0.

If you run any of these MODs you should get the new DLL or DSO version from to replace your current one. Otherwise you don't need to update your Metamod.

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod on CS1.6 by oscar 07.08.2003

Someone called oscar has put up a tutorial on installing various addons for a CS1.6Beta dedicated server, one of them being Admin Mod. So if you were wondering how to get Admin Mod running on your CS1.6Beta server, make sure you have a look at this. Many thanks to oscar for putting that on the Net. If you still have questions about that tutorial, you can find his email address at the top of the tut.

-[ florian ]-



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