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Admin Mod NEWS


Metamod: Help squish the bug 11.01.2006

If you are running an old HL server or have an old HL/CS/etc. installation, you can help investigate a bug in Metamod. "Old" here means anything pre-Steam, since if you are running Steam then you will have had the newest, latest version pushed upon you anyway. Now, if you managed to somehow have skipped the last Steam updates in the past, say, two to four months, and your server is actually still running, then please read on, too! Everyone else with up-to-date versions can now go back doing whatever you did before you came here. =)

There is currently a bug in Metamod that unfortunately only manifests in a visible form in old servers. We're mostly talking 1311x and 411x servers here. Older, too, if you really still run such a beast. We need some info on the engine interface from all the different variations out there. So the more info about different server versions and installations we can gather, the better.

If you are willing to help out and spare a few minutes and can afford to restart your server or fire up a listenserver, here's how. You will have to download a special version of the Metamod DLL which will dump lots of gibberish into the servers log file. (You will have to run the server (i.e. client for a listenserver) with logging turned on.) Add info on your servers version and build date and Mod version to the logfile and send it to us via email. The download is an archive that contains a Readme.txt file with instructions on what to do, what info to gather and where to send the log file to. There is a Windows and a Linux version available.

In case you are worried about sharing information from your logs, we're really only looking for the additional info that Metamod spews out. That is on most cases confined to one log file during server startup which usually contains no private info like passwords etc. That is the only logfile we need. If you're still concerned, the file is in plaintext format, so you can edit out anything private.

-[ florian ]-



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