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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.08a 29.10.2000

There seem to be quite a few crash problems with 2.08a. I know the problem, but the fix is easy. Download 2.08a IF AND ONLY IF you want to run TFC (then it won't crash). Otherwise, get 2.08 and things will be fine.

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.08a 27.10.2000

Well, 2.08a is hot on the heels of 2.08. This version fixes a possible TFC bug (thanks leon and botman!). If you run a TFC server get this update.

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.08 27.10.2000

Well, 2.07 didn't go down well with the fans, so 2.08 brings back the old auth interface (mostly...). You can download the new version from the download page. This version features:

  • Better Auth system
  • Works with x.1.0.4 TFC
  • Adds "public_slots_free" cvar so gamespy,kali,etc users can see how many spots are really free on the server

-[ alfred ]-

German Language Admin mod help 21.10.2000

Qualle dropped me a note about his admin mod site for germans. The site looks pretty (now if only I could read German ;). Here is a message from Qualle for all you Germans about the site:

Für alle Deutschen Admin-Mod User gibt es nun auch eine Anlaufstelle, admin-mod .Die Page wird regelmäßig aktualisiert und es gibt einige Zusatz Tools die es zum Beispiel ermöglichen die users.ini OHNE ftp zu ändern bzw die nicks.ini...Besten Dank an das Team.

Couldn't say it better than that!

-[ alfred ]-

Help guide for 2.07 21.10.2000

Greg has put in countless hours of hard work in constructing a help guide. This guide contains everything from the basic setup guide to a full description of all the possibilities of Admin mod. As with everything on this site, the document is evolving, so if you have any comments please post them on the forum. You can download the guides from the config page.

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.07 21.10.2000

This version fixes a MAJOR security hole in the authentication system. It is a MUST get. Please note the change in the way passwords are handled (setinfo is gone, use admin_password and the nicks.ini now uses wonid's). More scripting functions have been added and a new callback into the script has also been added.
Grab it now from the download page.

-[ alfred ]-



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