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Admin Mod NEWS


Oops 21.11.2000

That damn internet backbone has been causing our network some headaches. Things should slowly work there way back to normal as alternate bandwidth is brought online by Telstra.
CFGN also took the opportunity to add some more RAM to the server so the MySQL connection errors should go away.

-[ alfred ]-

Emails to me 16.11.2000

If you tried sending me email in the last couple of days it probably failed due to an issue at my ISP. Its all fixed so please send it again :)
On another note, I have just purchased a new house so I will be busy moving for a while (urgh ;).

-[ alfred ]-

FAQ updated 14.11.2000

I have updated the FAQ page with some answers to questions about 2.09, so if you do have a problem check it out :)

-[ alfred ]-

2.09 11.11.2000

Its out! Grab it from the download page now. Features of this version are:

  • New auth system. nicks.ini is gone, now reserved nicks is access level 16384 in the users.ini. Users.ini can be any length.
  • If using encrypted passwords (linux only) its now case sensitive.
  • cs 1.0, firearms 2.4 and goldeneye 1.6 support added
  • added user auth via wonid (just do wonid:pass:access instead of user:pass:access. )
  • playsound() command added (by me :)
  • added jags commands:
    native get_userWONID(string1[],&WONID);
    native get_userSessionID(string1[],&SessionID);
    native get_userindex(string[],&Index);
    native execclient(client[],cmd[]);
    native get_userorigin(string[],&X,&Y,&Z);
    native teleport(string[],X,Y,Z);
    native getteamcount(Team);

  • fixed bug in name checking and illegal chars (damn '%' !)
  • fixed mod!=TFC crash

    So get it now from the download page!


-[ alfred ]-

2.09 11.11.2000

Well, its ready but sourceforge is not :(
As soon as it comes back up I will make a release and we can all start playing Firearms rc2.4 (or cs1.0 perhaps....).

-[ alfred ]-

New Site 11.11.2000

You see, the site has moved to I made a new design for alfred and i think, yo, it's nice :)
Alfred is to release 2.09 so stay tuned ;)


-[ jaegermeister ]-

New Help Guide 06.11.2000

A new help guide has been released by Greg and can be downloaded from the config page. This version of the help guide is aimed at users of 2.08(a).

-[ alfred ]-

New Forums 03.11.2000

As you have probably noticed, the forums have moved to CFGN. I happen to run this network so I have a lot more control over the forums. There are now multiple boards, one for each category of post. So, jump on over, sign up and have a say. I have posted some comments about release 2.09 which I would love people to comment on.

-[ alfred ]-



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