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Admin Mod NEWS


2.10 Issue 19.12.2000

yup, issue, not bug. The new users.ini code which allows unlimited users (well, as many as the machines memory can hold) is a linked list. This list is traversed in reverse :) So, entries are the TOP of the file are now compared last (before bottom was last). So if you clan tag reservation is being screwy, try reversing the order of the users.ini file :) (this does not count for MySQL users).


-[ alfred ]-

2.10 Help guide PDF 17.12.2000

Thanks to DLM Clan we now have a PDF of the 2.10 help guide, you can download it from the Config page.

-[ alfred ]-

New help guide 17.12.2000

Ron has just sent me an updated help guide for 2.10. Only the Word document has been updated (if you can convert it to PDF please send it to me :), and it can be downloaded from the Config page.

I will be putting admin mod on the backburner for a couple weeks because I have just got a new puppy and kitten and they are a real handful :) If you ask nicely I can even post some photo's of them ;)

-[ alfred ]-

2.10a 08.12.2000

2.10a has just been released, grab it from the Downloads page.
This version is for linux users only, the admin .so files have been compiled with glibc2.0 support (unlike 2.10 which has glibc2.1).
Only get this if you are getting a "GLIBC" error when trying to run admin mod.


-[ alfred ]-

2.10 08.12.2000

2.10 has been released, go to the Downloads page and grab it!

This version adds support for Arg1.0, Swarm and OpFor, and fixes support for FLF and Goldeneye 1.7. It adds a couple new scripting commands (list_maps(), get_serverinfo(),get_userinfo(),set_serverinfo()) and it fixes quite a few bugs. It *may* fix the w2k timer bug, please report any timer problems (voting failing to work, pretty message not showing up all the time) on the forums. This version also adds a new reserve type (type 2). See the config page for details.

And now for the big news, the db version now has a win32 dll! Thats right, win32 users can now have a MySQL enabled version! If you want to use MySQL and admin mod grab the MySQL addon from the download page and read the MySQL help


-[ alfred ]-

New poll 08.12.2000

Well, I have put up a new poll question. I think the old poll was answered, cheat detection is important. For people who run win32 for their servers you may want to check out PunkBusters as it has some unique featues. Linux guys are out of luck however (I am working on it ;).
Oh, 2.10 will be out RSN :)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 1.02 02.12.2000

I have been meaning to release this for a while. 1.02 is an updated 1.x version that supports all the mods 2.09 does (and it works properly with FLF!).
IT DOES NOT add any of the 2.x functionality, it has the old file formats and functions. However, it is very stable.
For more information and to download 1.02 go to the v1.0 pages.


-[ alfred ]-



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