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Admin Mod NEWS


Another 2.5 feature 31.03.2001

Just a useful tidbit for all you server admins, admin mod now supports the entering of ANY admin command via the server console. All you need to is prefix the command with "admin_command" and it will work from the server console (i.e "admin_command admin_csay hey").
This ability will also enable programs such as PunkBuster and hlds_ld to add a set of features they have never dreamed of, because anything you can script the programs can access. Watch out for a admin_llama version of PB soon ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50 31.03.2001

After months of hard toil from the Admin Mod team, version 2.50 is out!
This version is a giant leap in functionality, with things like metamod,plugin scripts and a new timer system. This version has to be seen to be believed.
As well as new features, Greg has worked hard to provide us with some useful documentation, which can be accessed here.

NOTE- this version DOES NOT currently work under TFC. We are investigating the problem with Valve and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

You can download the Linux or Windows version from the downloads page.

-[ alfred ]-

Server Down Time 16.03.2001

The server is going to be down for an hour or two starting from 11am on Monday (19/03/2001). A new hard disk and ram is being installed :)

-[ alfred ]-



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