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Admin Mod NEWS


MetaMod 1.06 23.04.2001

Will has released MetaMod 1.06 over at As you should know, Admin Mod 2.50 and above uses metamod for supporting the various mods out their, so you can/should upgrade MetaMod when you have a problem or want support for the latest mods.
The 1.06 release fixes a couple bugs and Will has also update the doco on his site.

-[ alfred ]-

I'm back... 23.04.2001

Whelp, I am back and I am now a married man :)
Expect some wedding pics to be put up soon(ish), in case your interested.

In Admin Mod news, it looks like there are some issues with the 2.50 series, so only upgrade to 2.50 if you are willing to wear the bumps ;)
The Admin Mod team is working on fixing the problems (along with the help of everyone on the forums!) so be patient and you shall be rewarded ;)

-[ alfred ]-

2.50c 09.04.2001

Yes, yet another 2.50 :) This version just contains the updated doco mentioned in the post below. Only download it if you either want to install Admin Mod for the first time, or if you want to update your copy of the documentation.

-[ alfred ]-

Updated Documentation for 2.50b Available to Download 08.04.2001

The documentation for Admin Mod 2.50b has been updated and is now available for download from the help page. Several items were added and updated, so if you are one of those who wants to have the latest and greatest, go grab it. A handy access level calculator has been added to the HTML version of the docs, too. Note that the full 2.50b download file contains an older version of the documentation -- We will work on updating that for you all, as well.

-[ greghughes ]-

2.50b 07.04.2001

2.50a has a stupid bug in it (my fault), so 2.50b has just been released which fixes the problem. The patch files are only about 100kb, and you just unzip them over your current Admin directory and run the install program again. If you have problems just grab the complete 2.50b package.
This version plays friendly with TFC now :)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50a 06.04.2001

This version fixes the problem with TFC and catches the crash bugs seen in certain maps for FA and CS (and possibly other mods). The problem is that Admin Mod inserts a special timer entity into the map, and if the mod ever refers to this entity it will crash. We haven't found a good solution yet, so there may be more crash bugs, but I believe all the reported problems are fixed by this patch.

This release can be downloaded as a patch (its only about 300kb in size) so download it, unzip it over the existing Admin directory (it should overwrite 3 files) and then run the install script again (or manually copy all the files from Admin/dlls to your mods directory).

Anyway, grab it now from the Downloads page.

TFC now works with Admin Mod 2.50a !!

-[ alfred ]-

New Mod support 02.04.2001

Well, 2.50 is out so I thought I had better list the new (updated) mods it supports (care of MetaMod):
FireArms rc2.5
DoD 1.1

If any of you mod makers out there want support for your mod, just email "Will" from and he can help you out.

-[ alfred ]-

Were back! 02.04.2001

The servers are in new, friendly surrounds (i.e ones we can afford :). The DNS changes are propagating as we speak.

-[ alfred ]-

Server downtime 01.04.2001

The admin mod servers are moving to new premises (with a much better deal :) so they will be offline from about 6pm EST (EST being Eastern Standard Time in Australia) for about 4 hours on the 2 April 2001. There will also be an IP address change, so it may take a day for the DNS changes to propagate.
So grab AM 2.50 while you still can ;)

-[ alfred ]-

MySQL version 01.04.2001

Just so all you MySQL fans know you haven't been forgotten, we do remember that we need to release a MySQL port. We have been focusing on the normal version, and once that is settled down we plan on releasing the MySQL version (say in a week or so). I don't think much will change from 2.10b on the DB side of things, but if you want them to make sure you tell us now :)

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod issue 01.04.2001

If you are having a problem where the server quits right as it starts up, it could be because MetaMod cannot detect the server type properly. This is due to the directory names using capital letters, rather than lower case.
A version which ignores case in filenames can be downloaded here:
Just download the file and copy it over the existing metamod.dll in your mods dll directory (i.e cstrike/dlls/ ).

-[ alfred ]-



Would you like Admin Mod to support MS SQL Server?
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