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Admin Mod NEWS


New Metamod version 1.08.01 30.06.2001

Will has released a new Metamod version - remember that Admin Mod depends upon the Metamod DLL being kept current in order to maintain comaptibility when MODs change over time. You can grab it over at the Metamod web site.

2001/06/30 1.08.01
- Updated for Day of Defeat v1.3. The name of its win32 dll changed
(was mp.dll; now dod.dll). No new entities.
- Added mod recognition and entities for Rocket Crowbar.
- Fixed problem with windows internal DLL version (don't use leading
zeros as compiler will assume it's octal notation).

-[ greghughes ]-

Slow Forums 27.06.2001

Yup, the forums will be slow for the next few days. The server hosting the forums was meant to be moved to a new (faster) connection, but the ISP arranging the new connection stuffed things up. So for now we are stuck on the end of a small link.
Also, the move means we are suffering with only 1 server rather than the usual two (one web and one db) so you may get "Too many connections" errors.
We will fix this as soon as possible, so just bare with us in the mean time.

-[ alfred ]-

Announcing Admin Mod 2.50e - Released! 17.06.2001

Admin Mod 2.50e is available in either a full package download or as a patch download for users of version 2.50d. The patch files version has brief instructions in the archive file.

If you are currently running a version older than 2.50d or you are not sure what version you are running, please download and install the full version of v2.50e.

Version 2.50e contains several bug-fixes and performance enhancements. See the change logs in the Admin Mod documentation's Reference section for details. There are a number of changes, but probably the three biggest things addressed in this version are:

  • Version 2.50e now supports MySQL, so those of you running that platform can move once again into modern times.
  • The procedure for using Bots with Admin Mod has been changed, and is now simpler. Please see How to Use Bots with Admin Mod for more information. Note that MetaMod v1.08.00 is included and is required for this version of Admin Mod to function properly.
  • Several plugins had problems interoperating with 2.50d due to some execclient changes, and that problem has been resolved in this version of the Admin Mod engine and through the updating of some of the plugins at the AScript site. The plugins that have changed are:
    • plugin_chat
    • plugin_base
    • plugin_dio_lazy
    • plugin_dio_point
    • plugin_private
    • plugin_sank_chatmode

-[ greghughes ]-

Wedding Photos 16.06.2001

I promised them, and here they are (finally :). 3 nice big shots of my happy day. I was married on April the 14th at the Hotel Kurajong (in their gardens). This was the main reason that AM's development slowed for a while :)
They can be viewed on this page.

-[ alfred ]-

Patch for 2.50d - Bots, exec-client fixes 10.06.2001

The AM 2.50d update released yesterday was discovered to have two problems: One was that a few commands for execclient were left out. That is why admin_t and admin_ct were not working. The second problem was with the extended bot protection mechanism.

Both problems have been corrected. As of June 10th, 17:00 UTC, the 2.50d package in the download section has an updated dll. If you already have 2.50d installed you can simply copy the dll (Win: admin_MM.dll, Linux: over the one in your /dlls directory.

If you have already downloaded Admin Mod 2.50d, no need to download the whole thing again. You can download the patch here. Note that this patch is to be applied to versions of 2.50d only. If you have a previous version of Admin Mod, you need to download the full distribution from the Downloads page. If you don't know what version you're running, well then, download the whole thing.

Happy slapping. : )

-[ greghughes ]-

My musings 09.06.2001

I was just playing with gamespy and I found some interesting results. After adding a filter to scan for Admin Mod enabled servers, guess what I found?

About 1/3 of halflife servers are using Admin Mod. When I checked the exact numbers 4064 out of 12646 servers. I also had a quick look at the gamespy stats page (located here). When I looked at it 9700 servers were running CS, 1300 TFC and the remaining 1000 servers were spread among the remaining mods. Admin Mod is run on over 4000 servers, so this means that Admin Mod is 3 times as popular as TFC. Its the second most popular Halflife Mod ( more servers run Admin Mod than run Q3A !!!). Sweet eh?

So to everyone invloved in the mod, good work, we are the 2nd most popular mod on the net! And to all of the game developers out there, just think what adding Admin abilities to you game could do for you.

p.s All this popularity, but still no job offers ... ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50d Released! 09.06.2001

Well, folks - Rope has just uploaded another new version of Admin Mod to the downloads area! Version 2.50d contains some bug fixes, enhancements and tweaks, as well as an updated set of documentation. The latest MetaMod DLL (v1.07.02) is also included in the download.

Please note that we have made a change in the procedure for setting up clients to access the servers in order to address possible security issues. See the documentation for more information.

Here are a few of the many changes since our last Admin Mod update:

- Resolved memory leak issue
- Client Authentication instructions and procedures modified
- New CVARs: admin_repeat_freq, admin_vote_echo, amv_autoban
- Access levels chaged for admin_exec functions
- Client_exec functions reworked to protect the innocent from injury
- You can now use * without it being recognized as a comment
- Improved bot protection

And much more. Change logs are included in the documentation. Enjoy!

-[ greghughes ]-

Another MetaMod update 07.06.2001

Will has once again amazed us all with another update to MetaMod. For those who are not familar, having an up-to-date metamod.dll file assures you will be able to run the latest supported game mods, and it assures you are getting any bug fixes when they arise.

Jump on over to to get the latest version (v1.07.02) of the .dll or .so file. It includes support for the just-released Valve Death-Match Classic (which Will worked up support for in a matter of a few hours - wow!).

-[ greghughes ]-

User.ini configuration tool 02.06.2001

Funtime has sent me this great little tool that lets you manage your users.ini file. It loads the file and helps you choose the access level for each user. You can then save the file as either a win32 or unix file for upload to your server. This should make managing your users.ini file much easier! For comments or help use the forums.
On a related note we are still waiting on KaReL's all-in-one config tool, there is just a couple of bugs to iron out :)

-[ alfred ]-

We have moved 01.06.2001 has moved to as its host. This should provide a speed boost for anyone who is not in Australia :)
(we moved due to the crappy economics of the Internet in AU ...)

-[ alfred ]-



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