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Admin Mod NEWS


Quick Fix Release (2.50e1) 31.08.2001

As mentioned in a post below there is a potential crash bug in 2.50e, and seeing as 2.51 is a while off yet we are releasing a patch version. These zip files ONLY contain an updated dll file which you must manually copy over the existing file. This update also includes a cool little feature that will kick in once the 1108 update is released :)
Now for the downloads:

-[ alfred ]-

GUI Admin Mod configurator 28.08.2001

Its finally here, what you have all been waiting for
<drum roll>
Karel's Admin Mod Configurator
Its a VB based program so its for Win32 users only, but it makes running and maintaining your server damn easy ;) Karel also said he will be releasing the source code to this program from his website in the near future.

Hopefully this should reduce the support requests on the forum (a little, reading the freaking manual would also help us people ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod "exploit" 28.08.2001

There is a potential crash bug in one scripting function, typesay() . We will be releasing a fix for it soon, but in the mean time if you find users exploting the problem then either remove all "typesay()" calls from any scripts you run or limit the length of the string they are passed (to say 50 chars).

This exploit does not cause any security issues for the server, but it can crash out clients which people, funnily enough, find a tad annoying.

-[ alfred ]-

Cracker summary 27.08.2001

I have written up a little piece about the cracker that got into our server machine. Its written for the general internet user (not too technical ;) so it may show you what really goes on (its a battlefield out there!). If you have questions or want to chat about the article I have started a forum thread.

-[ alfred ]-

Were back! 24.08.2001

Forums are back, my email is back up :) Its all good.

CFGN stuff (i.e forums and banner ad) could be a little flaky for a couple days as I rationalise the server (as its kinda strung together right now) but things are working again :)

-[ alfred ]-

DNS is back :) 23.08.2001

Whelp, DNS is finally back up (don't ask....), forums should be back up later today once I get the time to fix them (after I finish my real job that is).
Once the machine is running I am going to write up a bit about how we got hacked, but it seems right now that it was done via a telnetd exploit into our FreeBSD box (which I don't know how to run properly/optimially as I am a Linux man ;).

-[ alfred ]-

Cracker 14.08.2001

Whelp, some script kiddie broke into our forum/name server and went nuts on it. While no data is lost (we hope)the machine has bee taken down and won't come up till a new O/S is installed upon it.
So for now the Forums are offline and you may or may not be able to reach "" as the name server for that name is also offline.

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod updated to v1.09.00 02.08.2001

Once again, another MetaMod update to keep us all up to date, thanks to WillD:

- Mod recognition and entities for 'Wanted!' v1.5.
- Mod recognition for Adrenalinegamer v3.2 and v4.1 (no special entities).
- Additional entities for version 2.3 of Oz Deathmatch.
- Additional entities for version 1.0 of Wizard Wars.
- Additional meta-utility function CALL_GAME_ENTITY. Raised
- Added proper GPL notices.

Head on over to the MetaMod web site and grab the new DLL (or .so for you Penguins).

-[ greghughes ]-



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