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Admin Mod NEWS


ServerInfo 2.0 29.12.2001

Terry has (finally ;) released a new version of his ServerInfo game browser tool. The beauty of this tool is the Admin Mod integration it has, check it out.

-[ alfred ]-

Forums 23.12.2001

We are experiencing "technical" difficulties with the forum (no, it wasn't me this time ;)

Our server in Texas has stopped responding and so have the people that look after it for us....

So, in the mean time the forums have been redirected to another server and our last backup used, which means there is a two week gap :( (the forums are damn huge....).

-[ alfred ]-

New Admin Mod config program 21.12.2001

Dodger has been busy whipping up a configuration tool for Admin Mod. Its called AMConfig and you can go here to check it out or just go to the download page for the link :)

-[ alfred ]-

FreeBSD Help guide 05.12.2001

CornHolio has written an install guide for all of you FreeBSD server ops out there. Check out the help page for the link :)

-[ alfred ]-



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