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Admin Mod NEWS


Updated installation script for FreeBSD 30.12.2002

If you are installing Admin Mod on a FreeBSD server you may want to get an updated version of the installation script "install_admin". It fixes some problems with the FreeBSD version of Bash and Sed. Note that a Bash is still required for this script. The script will not run if it cannot find a Bash installed on your system.

The script has been tested to work on FreeBSD 4.3. To use it, unpack the Admin Mod tarball and replace the install_admin file in the Adminmod directory with the new version. (Right-click the link above to download the file to your hard drive.) You can then install Admin Mod by running the installation script.

-[ florian ]-

Scheduled Admin Mod Server Outages 11.11.2002

Due to maintenance two server outages are scheduled which effect Admin Mod services.

On Friday night (15-11-2002) 00:00 GMT (Thursday 4pm PST) the primary download server (which handles the redirects for all download requests) will be unavailable for two to three hours.

On Sunday (17-11-2002) the Admin Mod web site will be offline for a period of approx. 12 hours starting at 18:00 GMT (10am PST).

-[ florian ]- back up again 02.11.2002

The Metamod website has been relocated and is reachable under again. The DNS entries for the new server are still propagating so it could be that it takes a few days for you until your DNS server has updated its entry for If you have problems connecting to keep trying over the next few days.

-[ florian ]- unavailable 29.10.2002

Due to some difficulties the Metamod website is currently unavailable. The owner of Metamod is looking into possibilities of getting up and running again. We will let you know when a solution has been found.

-[ florian ]-

Installer Problems with FreeBSD 27.10.2002

The installer script for the Linux version is written for the Bash but calls the Bourne Shell as interpreter (/bin/sh). For most Linux systems this is no problem since /bin/sh will be a link to the Bash.

For those Linux systems where this is not the case and for FreeBSD this may lead to the installer not executing. In this case, two solutions exist.

  1. Start the installer with the Bash: bash install_admin

  2. Open the file install_admin in a text editor. Change the first line which reads
    to point to your Bash binary, e.g.:

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod 2.50.50 released 22.10.2002

Admin Mod version 2.50.50 has been released. Please read the Release Notes before downloading the package.

Since the installation programs changed considerably in order to make installation more comfortable, make sure you read the updated chapter on Installing Admin Mod in the manual.

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod Developer Conference 14.10.2002

The first day of a 3 day Admin Mod developer conference has finished here in Aachen, Germany. All the developers have spent many hours contemplating important design decisions as can be witnessed in this photo of them hard at work.

The exact release date for the next version (2.50.50) still needs to be finialised (read beaten out of Florian) but as long as we keep "working hard" it should be any day now ;-)

The next two days will involve lots of architectural planning for the next generation of Admin Mod as we cruise down the Rhine river looking at all the pretty castles and enjoying the German beer and wine...

-[ alfred ]-

MeetUp 14.07.2002

Greg Whalin (aka Core Dump) dropped me an email about a site that helps cstrike players get together,

Now an Admin Mod version of this would be cool ... ;-)

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod 1.12.3 03.07.2002

Will has release MetaMod 1.12.3. This version adds support for Valve's Ricochet Mod, with previous versions adding support for FireArms 2.6.

So if Admin Mod doesn't work with the mod you want, try updating MetaMod from MetaMod's homepage.

-[ alfred ]-

German translation of Plugins 03.07.2002

Well the guys over at Gamers Hardware have gone and translated the base plugin set into German :)

Grab it from:;id=10

-[ alfred ]-

IRC Transcript from UA interview 30.06.2002

Well Florian and I have finished our IRC interview with the guys from UA. The results can be viewed at:

If you want to know about the future of Admin Mod, or where it came from have a read :-)

-[ alfred ]-

What you have always wanted to know about Admin Mod... 29.06.2002

United Admins have scheduled a Q&A IRC session with us on the subject of Admin Mod. If you always wanted to know how Admin Mod came into existance or if Alfred has a cat, you can attend the session on GamesNET. Questions can be posted in the #ua.q channel, the answers will be given in the channel #ua.a. The session will take place on Saturday, 2002-06-29 at 14:00 GMT (that is 7am PST and 10am EST for you 'mecans :)). If you can't make it but would still like to ask a question you have the chance to submit your question in advance.

(Not to be mistaken: that is not a support session, so don't come asking how to set up Admin Mod. :))

-[ florian ]-

Third Party Tool: Agent Orange 27.06.2002

Agent Orange has some cool Admin Mod specific features and is freeware so I will pass on the anouncement I got :-)

AgentOrange 1.55 released!

AgentOrange is a Win 32 Freeware HLDS agent designed to query information from an HLDS server, chat with players, and send RCON or Admin Mod Commands from any remote location.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixes error associated with Long Server Names
* Fixes error when querying server with 0 players
* Fixes error when querying a server with 18 or more players

Learn More:

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod update 26.04.2002

Florian has repacked the existing Admin Mod version, the new MetaMod version (1.12) and some updated scripts. If you are experiencing crash problems try installing these new files over the existing ones.
You can download the windows update from:

and the linux version from:

or from the downloads page, where you can also find the mySQL version.

Note that these updated files are only to help you if your server crashes with 1109 and Admin Mod. They do not yet support SteamIDs.

We have also had suggestions that if you put admin mod LAST in the metamod.ini file (if you use it with other mods) it can also solve any crash issues.

-[ alfred ]-

HL1109/CS1.4/MetaMod 1.12/Admin Mod 2.50.26 25.04.2002

We have tested the above versions together and they work just fine and dandy :)
Here is a quick guide on how to do the upgrade.
Install HL1109 and CS1.4 as directed by Valve. Go to the MetaMod homepage and get the latest version (make sure the version is 1.12 or higher).

If you are upgrading then all you need to do is then copy "metamod.dll" to the cstrike/dlls directory ( for linux) and edit the cstrike/liblist.gam to make the gamedll lines look like this:

gamedll "dlls\metamod.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/"

If you are installing from scratch install HL,CS, Admin Mod 2.50.26 and then copy the new metamod.dll file over to cstrike/dlls directory.

If you have any problems just pop over to the forums and have a read :)

We won't be doing a new release specifically for 1109 as Admin Mod doesn't need it (ain't MetaMod great? :)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod and Steam 20.04.2002

First let me say that Steam is a beta product and as such parts of it are in a state of flux. The Admin Mod team will support Steam when it is properly released, in the mean time it may be possible to use the two together but it also may not be very user friendly/easy.

Steam is a major change from the existing engine, its concepts of downloading content on demand breaks some assumptions made by MetaMod and Admin Mod and because of this MetaMod and Admin Mod will need to be altered to suit the new system to operate easily.

In the mean time, here is how to get it to work :) (sometimes).

  1. Firstly, once you have installed Steam (but BEFORE Admin Mod) run the dedicated server version of the mod you wish to support (right click on the icon in Steam and choose "Dedicated Server". This will pre-load the components that Admin Mod and MetaMod require.
  2. Next install Admin Mod as normal, you will find the mod's files within your Steam Cache folder.
  3. Finally make sure you follow all of the instructions as per a normal install.

Whenever a component of the server is updated via the Steam system you will need to uninstall Admin Mod by simply copying the old "liblist.gam" file back to replace the one Admin Mod installed (don't delete the Admin Mod one, save it so you can copy it back once the update is complete).

-[ alfred ]-

Anti-Flood reminder 24.03.2002

Just a reminder to everyone running a server, make sure you install an anti-flood script. Several a listed on the Ascript site, pick the one that most suits you.

The next release (due when its done ;) will automatically install an anti-flood script for you, for now you should manually install one.

-[ alfred ]-

setinfo vulnerability workaround 20.03.2002

There exists a workaround for the setinfo vulnerability which lets other players read your Admin Mod passwords. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the news items below.

The workaround works with your current version of HL server and Admin Mod. You don't have to upgrade anything. To prevent the Admin Mod password to be propagated to other clients choose a password_field in your configuration file which starts with an underscore (_).

As an example the default value for the password field is pw-home. In your server.cfg file you will find the entry:
password_field pw-home
and your admins had to set the line
setinfo pw-home secretpass
to connect.

Now change the password field to start with an underscore, like _pw-home. The line in your config file would then be:
password_field _pw-home
and your admins have to change their setinfo line to
setinfo _pw-home secretpass

You don't have to use _pw-home, use whatever you have set it to now but prefix it with an underscore. And don't forget to change your password afterwards just in case somebody has already snooped it from your server.

Please make sure to make this change to prevent people from getting your secret admin password!

-[ florian ]-

Setinfo warning 12.03.2002

It appears that the setinfo hack (mentioned below) has reared its ugly head again. So, make sure that you only use WONID's in your users.ini file, and upgrade to 2.50.26. If you use usernames for anything but reserving your name stop it right now! :)

We are working with Valve to implement a secure system, hopefully in time for the next client release (from Valve).

-[ alfred ]-

Steamy Admin Mod 07.03.2002

Just a note to let everyone know, Admin Mod works great with Steam! You need to use the latest version of MetaMod (1.11.2 at least), but otherwise things are dandy. Check out the forum post I made on the Steam forums (post number 6) for more details.

-[ alfred ]-

AM knowledge tidbits: use_regex 15.02.2002

A little tip randomly picked from our big box labled "Various Admin Mod Infos":

When using regular expressions in your users.ini file (i.e. use_regex set to 1) make sure you have a complete regex and that it matches only what you want it to match. Special characters which are often forgotten are the start "^" and end "$" characters.

Remember, when you have a line like "theo:somepass:12345" in your users.ini and use_regex set, then also the names "theodor" or "antheom" will match and gain admin access. Check if you actually meant "^theo$:somepass:12345".

-[ florian ]-

AMConfig 15.02.2002

Clif has been beavering away and has created a lovely install and configuration tool. AMConfig lets you easily install Admin Mod and keep your server updated :)

Go and grab it now!

-[ alfred ]-

DoD 2.0 and Admin Mod 10.02.2002

Will has released a new version of MetaMod that fixes the flaws that people have been having :)

So jump over to and grab it.

-[ alfred ]-

2.50.26 "re-release" 30.01.2002

The 2.50.26 archives have been updated with a couple of tweaks, the important one being a bug fix in one of the scripts. So either grab it (from the download page) or go to the betas page and grab the updated scripts.

The archives also contain updated includes for the linux tgz and win32 formatting for files in the windows zip :)

-[ alfred ]-

More Menus! 30.01.2002

Well, it appears there is more than one menu script out there. EnglishBob sent me an email pointing out his script at Again, another easy to use script to make running your server easier :)

-[ alfred ]-

2.50.26 26.01.2002

2.50.26 contains an updated Admin Mod dll that contains the fixed dll described in the news posts below. This is provided for admins to allow for an easy upgrade. It also contains a couple of updates to the scripts. If you want an easy update grab this and run the install script :)

-[ alfred ]-

In Game Menu!! 26.01.2002

Well Sithy has been real busy making an awesome in game menu. This little script, once installed on your client, lets you access common admin mod commands from a simple in game menu, just like the buy menu in Cstrike!
Right now the script is for cstrike only, but I am sure if you ask Sithy can make it for other mods ;)

More details are here.

-[ alfred ]-

Exploit fix updated 26.01.2002

A couple of bugs were uncovered in the previous beta release. So grab the new archive from the betas directory and follow the instructions in the post below. Note that you also have to copy all the .amx (compiled scripts) files to your dlls directory. This is due to a slight change in the changelevel() scripting function.

A complete archive will be released once any bugs are sorted out (in a couple of hours) to make this upgrade simpler :)

-[ alfred ]-

Exploit Fix 26.01.2002

Urgent - You MUST update

Someone over at myg0t discovered a possible exploit in Admin Mod (and unfortunately, server addons in general). Luckly, the person who released the hack stuffed up and it wasn't actually possible to do anything useful with it alone. However, it did get me thinking (and others I guess) about what could happen. So, I have patched Admin Mod to remove this possible exploit.

Grab the updated dlls from the Betas directory. These files contain the dlls only, just copy the correct file over the existing files in your mods dll directory.

For example, if you run a windows Cstrike server grab Then unzip it and copy ReleaseMM/admin_MM.dll to cstrike/dlls/ .

I am updating the full releases now to contain these new dlls.

-[ alfred ]-

Fluff 19.01.2002

Whelp, I was having a lazy Saturday arvo so I opened up GameSpy and got it to reload its master list. Guess what I found?

Over 55% (9,432 out of 16,964) of servers are running Admin Mod :) When I checked, over 44,000 people were playing on Admin Mod enabled servers. Thats just amazing for a 3rd party app (that can be a pain to install ;)

Well, with the imminent release of 2.51 (return of the bug fixes), I can't wait for another fun year of Admin Mod action!

I wonder, will CS2/TFC2/HL2 come out this year? Pop over to the poll and tell us :)

-[ alfred ]-

Security Issue 15.01.2002

There is a bug in the authentication procedure that potentially allows non admins to gain Admin Mod access. Unfortunately this bug (side effect...) is in the HL engine itself and cannot be fixed by the Admin Mod team. We are working with Valve to fix it.

In the mean time a few work arounds exist.
  • The BEST solution is to use WONID's only in your users.ini. By using WONID's you will remove the method of attack that is being used. If you still wish to protect your nickname put it BELOW your WONID with the access level 16384 (and make sure your WONID has nick protection also). This will reserve your name but you will gain Admin Mod priveleges through your WONID.
  • Turn off reserved name status (subtract 16384 from the access level) and ONLY use admin_password to enter your password ONCE you have entered your server. This method will not reserve your nickname but it will stop the attack.

Whatever method you choose you SHOULD NOT use the setinfo method with plain usernames (setinfo with WONID's is fine).

For updates check out our forums.

-[ alfred ]-

AgentOrange 02.01.2002

Another server tool has popped up (thanks for the email DeathHawk). This one is for win32 only but it is GPL so it ain't all bad ;)
Anyway, here is a short blurb on it:

AgentOrange is a Win 32 Freeware HLDS agent designed to
query information from an HLDS server, chat with players, send
RCON & Admin Mod Commands from any remote location.

So if you run win32 it may make your life easier :)
More info can be found from AgentOrange's Website.

-[ alfred ]-



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