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Admin Mod NEWS


2.50.26 "re-release" 30.01.2002

The 2.50.26 archives have been updated with a couple of tweaks, the important one being a bug fix in one of the scripts. So either grab it (from the download page) or go to the betas page and grab the updated scripts.

The archives also contain updated includes for the linux tgz and win32 formatting for files in the windows zip :)

-[ alfred ]-

More Menus! 30.01.2002

Well, it appears there is more than one menu script out there. EnglishBob sent me an email pointing out his script at Again, another easy to use script to make running your server easier :)

-[ alfred ]-

2.50.26 26.01.2002

2.50.26 contains an updated Admin Mod dll that contains the fixed dll described in the news posts below. This is provided for admins to allow for an easy upgrade. It also contains a couple of updates to the scripts. If you want an easy update grab this and run the install script :)

-[ alfred ]-

In Game Menu!! 26.01.2002

Well Sithy has been real busy making an awesome in game menu. This little script, once installed on your client, lets you access common admin mod commands from a simple in game menu, just like the buy menu in Cstrike!
Right now the script is for cstrike only, but I am sure if you ask Sithy can make it for other mods ;)

More details are here.

-[ alfred ]-

Exploit fix updated 26.01.2002

A couple of bugs were uncovered in the previous beta release. So grab the new archive from the betas directory and follow the instructions in the post below. Note that you also have to copy all the .amx (compiled scripts) files to your dlls directory. This is due to a slight change in the changelevel() scripting function.

A complete archive will be released once any bugs are sorted out (in a couple of hours) to make this upgrade simpler :)

-[ alfred ]-

Exploit Fix 26.01.2002

Urgent - You MUST update

Someone over at myg0t discovered a possible exploit in Admin Mod (and unfortunately, server addons in general). Luckly, the person who released the hack stuffed up and it wasn't actually possible to do anything useful with it alone. However, it did get me thinking (and others I guess) about what could happen. So, I have patched Admin Mod to remove this possible exploit.

Grab the updated dlls from the Betas directory. These files contain the dlls only, just copy the correct file over the existing files in your mods dll directory.

For example, if you run a windows Cstrike server grab Then unzip it and copy ReleaseMM/admin_MM.dll to cstrike/dlls/ .

I am updating the full releases now to contain these new dlls.

-[ alfred ]-

Fluff 19.01.2002

Whelp, I was having a lazy Saturday arvo so I opened up GameSpy and got it to reload its master list. Guess what I found?

Over 55% (9,432 out of 16,964) of servers are running Admin Mod :) When I checked, over 44,000 people were playing on Admin Mod enabled servers. Thats just amazing for a 3rd party app (that can be a pain to install ;)

Well, with the imminent release of 2.51 (return of the bug fixes), I can't wait for another fun year of Admin Mod action!

I wonder, will CS2/TFC2/HL2 come out this year? Pop over to the poll and tell us :)

-[ alfred ]-

Security Issue 15.01.2002

There is a bug in the authentication procedure that potentially allows non admins to gain Admin Mod access. Unfortunately this bug (side effect...) is in the HL engine itself and cannot be fixed by the Admin Mod team. We are working with Valve to fix it.

In the mean time a few work arounds exist.
  • The BEST solution is to use WONID's only in your users.ini. By using WONID's you will remove the method of attack that is being used. If you still wish to protect your nickname put it BELOW your WONID with the access level 16384 (and make sure your WONID has nick protection also). This will reserve your name but you will gain Admin Mod priveleges through your WONID.
  • Turn off reserved name status (subtract 16384 from the access level) and ONLY use admin_password to enter your password ONCE you have entered your server. This method will not reserve your nickname but it will stop the attack.

Whatever method you choose you SHOULD NOT use the setinfo method with plain usernames (setinfo with WONID's is fine).

For updates check out our forums.

-[ alfred ]-

AgentOrange 02.01.2002

Another server tool has popped up (thanks for the email DeathHawk). This one is for win32 only but it is GPL so it ain't all bad ;)
Anyway, here is a short blurb on it:

AgentOrange is a Win 32 Freeware HLDS agent designed to
query information from an HLDS server, chat with players, send
RCON & Admin Mod Commands from any remote location.

So if you run win32 it may make your life easier :)
More info can be found from AgentOrange's Website.

-[ alfred ]-



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