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Admin Mod NEWS


Anti-Flood reminder 24.03.2002

Just a reminder to everyone running a server, make sure you install an anti-flood script. Several a listed on the Ascript site, pick the one that most suits you.

The next release (due when its done ;) will automatically install an anti-flood script for you, for now you should manually install one.

-[ alfred ]-

setinfo vulnerability workaround 20.03.2002

There exists a workaround for the setinfo vulnerability which lets other players read your Admin Mod passwords. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the news items below.

The workaround works with your current version of HL server and Admin Mod. You don't have to upgrade anything. To prevent the Admin Mod password to be propagated to other clients choose a password_field in your configuration file which starts with an underscore (_).

As an example the default value for the password field is pw-home. In your server.cfg file you will find the entry:
password_field pw-home
and your admins had to set the line
setinfo pw-home secretpass
to connect.

Now change the password field to start with an underscore, like _pw-home. The line in your config file would then be:
password_field _pw-home
and your admins have to change their setinfo line to
setinfo _pw-home secretpass

You don't have to use _pw-home, use whatever you have set it to now but prefix it with an underscore. And don't forget to change your password afterwards just in case somebody has already snooped it from your server.

Please make sure to make this change to prevent people from getting your secret admin password!

-[ florian ]-

Setinfo warning 12.03.2002

It appears that the setinfo hack (mentioned below) has reared its ugly head again. So, make sure that you only use WONID's in your users.ini file, and upgrade to 2.50.26. If you use usernames for anything but reserving your name stop it right now! :)

We are working with Valve to implement a secure system, hopefully in time for the next client release (from Valve).

-[ alfred ]-

Steamy Admin Mod 07.03.2002

Just a note to let everyone know, Admin Mod works great with Steam! You need to use the latest version of MetaMod (1.11.2 at least), but otherwise things are dandy. Check out the forum post I made on the Steam forums (post number 6) for more details.

-[ alfred ]-



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