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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod update 26.04.2002

Florian has repacked the existing Admin Mod version, the new MetaMod version (1.12) and some updated scripts. If you are experiencing crash problems try installing these new files over the existing ones.
You can download the windows update from:

and the linux version from:

or from the downloads page, where you can also find the mySQL version.

Note that these updated files are only to help you if your server crashes with 1109 and Admin Mod. They do not yet support SteamIDs.

We have also had suggestions that if you put admin mod LAST in the metamod.ini file (if you use it with other mods) it can also solve any crash issues.

-[ alfred ]-

HL1109/CS1.4/MetaMod 1.12/Admin Mod 2.50.26 25.04.2002

We have tested the above versions together and they work just fine and dandy :)
Here is a quick guide on how to do the upgrade.
Install HL1109 and CS1.4 as directed by Valve. Go to the MetaMod homepage and get the latest version (make sure the version is 1.12 or higher).

If you are upgrading then all you need to do is then copy "metamod.dll" to the cstrike/dlls directory ( for linux) and edit the cstrike/liblist.gam to make the gamedll lines look like this:

gamedll "dlls\metamod.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/"

If you are installing from scratch install HL,CS, Admin Mod 2.50.26 and then copy the new metamod.dll file over to cstrike/dlls directory.

If you have any problems just pop over to the forums and have a read :)

We won't be doing a new release specifically for 1109 as Admin Mod doesn't need it (ain't MetaMod great? :)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod and Steam 20.04.2002

First let me say that Steam is a beta product and as such parts of it are in a state of flux. The Admin Mod team will support Steam when it is properly released, in the mean time it may be possible to use the two together but it also may not be very user friendly/easy.

Steam is a major change from the existing engine, its concepts of downloading content on demand breaks some assumptions made by MetaMod and Admin Mod and because of this MetaMod and Admin Mod will need to be altered to suit the new system to operate easily.

In the mean time, here is how to get it to work :) (sometimes).

  1. Firstly, once you have installed Steam (but BEFORE Admin Mod) run the dedicated server version of the mod you wish to support (right click on the icon in Steam and choose "Dedicated Server". This will pre-load the components that Admin Mod and MetaMod require.
  2. Next install Admin Mod as normal, you will find the mod's files within your Steam Cache folder.
  3. Finally make sure you follow all of the instructions as per a normal install.

Whenever a component of the server is updated via the Steam system you will need to uninstall Admin Mod by simply copying the old "liblist.gam" file back to replace the one Admin Mod installed (don't delete the Admin Mod one, save it so you can copy it back once the update is complete).

-[ alfred ]-



Would you like Admin Mod to support MS SQL Server?
What is MS SQL Server?



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