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Admin Mod NEWS unavailable 29.10.2002

Due to some difficulties the Metamod website is currently unavailable. The owner of Metamod is looking into possibilities of getting up and running again. We will let you know when a solution has been found.

-[ florian ]-

Installer Problems with FreeBSD 27.10.2002

The installer script for the Linux version is written for the Bash but calls the Bourne Shell as interpreter (/bin/sh). For most Linux systems this is no problem since /bin/sh will be a link to the Bash.

For those Linux systems where this is not the case and for FreeBSD this may lead to the installer not executing. In this case, two solutions exist.

  1. Start the installer with the Bash: bash install_admin

  2. Open the file install_admin in a text editor. Change the first line which reads
    to point to your Bash binary, e.g.:

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod 2.50.50 released 22.10.2002

Admin Mod version 2.50.50 has been released. Please read the Release Notes before downloading the package.

Since the installation programs changed considerably in order to make installation more comfortable, make sure you read the updated chapter on Installing Admin Mod in the manual.

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod Developer Conference 14.10.2002

The first day of a 3 day Admin Mod developer conference has finished here in Aachen, Germany. All the developers have spent many hours contemplating important design decisions as can be witnessed in this photo of them hard at work.

The exact release date for the next version (2.50.50) still needs to be finialised (read beaten out of Florian) but as long as we keep "working hard" it should be any day now ;-)

The next two days will involve lots of architectural planning for the next generation of Admin Mod as we cruise down the Rhine river looking at all the pretty castles and enjoying the German beer and wine...

-[ alfred ]-



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