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Admin Mod NEWS


Scheduled Admin Mod Server Outages 11.11.2002

Due to maintenance two server outages are scheduled which effect Admin Mod services.

On Friday night (15-11-2002) 00:00 GMT (Thursday 4pm PST) the primary download server (which handles the redirects for all download requests) will be unavailable for two to three hours.

On Sunday (17-11-2002) the Admin Mod web site will be offline for a period of approx. 12 hours starting at 18:00 GMT (10am PST).

-[ florian ]- back up again 02.11.2002

The Metamod website has been relocated and is reachable under again. The DNS entries for the new server are still propagating so it could be that it takes a few days for you until your DNS server has updated its entry for If you have problems connecting to keep trying over the next few days.

-[ florian ]-



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