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Admin Mod NEWS


Some statistics on server addon usage 27.02.2003

Keen on statistics? Our brothers from the German Admin Mod site have gathered some on the use of server addons. Here is their report:

We ran The All-Seeing Eye to examine the distribution of server mods (especially AdminMod). About 38500 HL servers were examined (only dedicated servers). Admin Mod is installed on 52% of the HL servers worldwide. This is a quite high value, but a little bit less than half a year ago (53%). But the total number of servers increased dramatically from 26000 servers half a year ago. The latest AM version 2.50.51 is only installed on 19% of the Admin Mod servers (sad but true). It looks like a lot of people (36%) seem to avoid the upgrade to the new directory structure (still using 2.50.26a) (*), whereas 39% haven't realized the consequences of the exploits (2.50.50). The rest of the installations are mostly beta versions.

Because Counter-Strike is the most favourite HL mod (91%), the results don't change much when looking at plain CS servers. For the other mods, though, Admin Mod can be found on 61% of the servers. On the majority of these, older versions of Admin Mod are used.

So, what are the numbers for other server mods? Clanmod can be found on 18%, Statsme on 35% and the newcomer AMXMod on 4% of all HL dedicated servers worldwide. Because the development of these tools is mainly targeted at CS, the values for Counter-Strike servers are a little bit higher. CM and SM installations increased a lot since the last survey. But there are also combinations of different server mods. The combination of AM+SM was found on 26%, CM+SM on 10%, AM+CM on 5% and AM+SM+CM on 4% all HL servers.

Well, you know that discussion about the strange Germans... Looks like this is true at least for the server installations. In Germany, AM is installed on only 42% of the servers, whereas CM can be found on 49%. This means that 59% of all CM installations are running in Germany (fascinating, isn't it?). ;-)

That closes our little survey. I think, that AMXMod will find more users if they can reduce CPU usage. All in all it is still a clear vote for Admin Mod. Apparently features are not everything.

Yours, Black Knight.

(*) With Admin Mod you don't have to use the new directory layout, although we do recommend it. --The Ed.

-[ florian ]-

Opening the floodgates 15.02.2003

Well, its time to open the development on the experimental line! We have split the development of Admin Mod into two branches: a stable line that will focus on bugs fixes and stability issues and the experiment branch that will include new (and potentially crazy...) code.

The experimental branch will be used to try out new ideas and let people test new functionality. Remember that its experimental code however, if you don't want your server to crash DON'T use these releases :-)

So, start sending your patches in :)

-[ alfred ]-



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