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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.50.52 released 23.03.2003

Admin Mod version 2.50.52 is available from the download section. For the main part this is the 2.50.51 dll (fixing the exploits) packaged in a full package with a few additional changes and bug fixes. Among the changes are:

  • The option to ban both by IP and ID at the same time with the ban() function.
  • Added sm_reg as a default registering command.
  • Fixed loading AMX DLL from a Windows network drive.
  • Fixed nickname-SteamID linking
  • Fixed bugs in writefile() and filesize() functions.
  • Fixed bug in MySQL PASSWORD() encryption.

Please see the changelog for a full list of changes.

-[ florian ]-

ServerInfo 2.5 06.03.2003

Terry sent me this information:
" It's a Half-Life and Quake3 (and their mods) game server browser and monitor. This version includes added server filters, Admin menu and a new server side program for admins. While the server side program does not *require* AdminMod it is taylored to work nicely *with* AdminMod.

It can be downloaded from the ServerInfo home page at "

Looks like a useful tool and it allows you to easily exploit the power of Admin Mod! :-)

-[ alfred ]-



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