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Admin Mod NEWS


A poll in the forums 25.05.2003

There is a poll on some future Admin Mod behaviour with respect to configuration files posted in the Admin Mod forums.If you're interested surf by and leave your vote as it could need some more votes to be a base for a decission. :)

-[ florian ]-

DoD Retail VALVE_ ids and Admin Mod 11.05.2003

DoD Retail uses a new form of ids: valveids. They look like steamids but instead of starting with STEAM_ they start with VALVE_. Admin Mod is currently not able to handle these as it will not recognize them.

There is a beta version of Admin Mod available which has added support for the new valveids. If you want to help test this, grab the file and check this forum thread to let us now if it works for you.

-[ florian ]-

MetaMod 1.16 08.05.2003

If you run a Counter-Strike or DoD server then you MUST get this update as it fixes a critical problem with hitboxes.
Go to:
to get the update.

-[ alfred ]-



Would you like Admin Mod to support MS SQL Server?
What is MS SQL Server?



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