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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.50.56 released 16.07.2003

Admin Mod version 2.50.56 has been released. The main goal of this release is to bring support of VALVE and STEAM IDs, which are used in DoD Retail and CS 1.6. Password encryption now works under Linux and Windows and also supports MD5 hashes. Admin Mod will now convert script binaries between Linux and Windows format on the fly when loading them.

Please note that while this lets you load Windows scripts on a Linux server and vice versa this does require a conversion on each loading of the script (i.e. each mapchange). It is thus recommended to still convert the script binaries offline with the AMX converters. But it will prevent crashes that resulted from using the wrong format. The AMX converters have been updated to work with the new file format that came with the update of the Small scripting engine to version 1.8.4. If you still have old versions of the converters, download the new version from the Tools section on the download page.

This version also includes some minor bug fixes and other changes. The MySQL version has better support for encryption with MySQL PASSWORD(). Please make sure to read the Change Log or the NEWS file in the package.

There is one known issue with the default adminmod.cfg file. The default maps_file line is incorrectly set to maps_file "" instead of maps_file 0 to turn the maps_file off. Please check and correct this if you encounter problems.

-[ florian ]-



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