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Admin Mod NEWS


Steamin' over Steam 13.09.2003

Yes, we are aware that Steam and with it CS 1.6 has been released. Or should I say, is still being released. And we do also know that there are a few issues with Admin Mod 2.50.56 and Steam. For one, the installer does not work for Steam installations as it cannot detect them. Second, reserved names, reserved slots and private servers do not work with Steam. For CS1.6 the weapon restriction script needs to be rewritten as it will no longer work with the new buy system. We would have loved to get up to speed with it right away and present you with a new package that handles all these issues. But we ended up just like everybody else; trying to get a little head start to be ready when you are, ended in the same desaster as for you, probably.

Death by Steam

So we have to change our plans. The issues with the Admin Mod DLL (i.e. the reserved slots, etc.) had already been resolved. If you really want to stick with the "early adopter" plan, beta testing for Valve, we link you up with the Linux and Windows DLLs of Admin Mod that will work with STEAM ids even with reserved slots, etc. Note that these are still tagged beta as they come fresh from our beta testing lab. They are not quite what we will have for you as the next release candidate, missing a few minor changes here and there, but they should work with your Steam server. At least as far as we were able to test under these conditions.

If you decided to wait with your transition to Steam until Valve releases a version that actually does work, you can either happily ignore the DLLs mentioned above or you may still try them as they have been running on large servers without problems now for some time. They do also fix the problem of admins losing their access rights upon a mapchange which is why you may be interested in trying them out on your server, too.

As for a complete Steam/CS1.6 compatible Admin Mod package, I am afraid that that will have to wait. I am not willing to ruin my nerves totally over this "software", if you really want to call it that. Thus we wait for Valve to fix Steam and bring it to a usable level before we try it again and then attack any leftover problems that Admin Mod may have with it and also have a working installer for you. (Windows, that is. The Linux installer should work just as usual.) Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-[ florian ]-

Admin Mod on CS 1.6, this time with link 09.09.2003

Well, a month ago I posted some news about a tutorial on installing Admin Mod on a CS 1.6 server (see below). It's a really nice webpage (content-wise, not design-wise) but what good is it when you can't find it? And how should you find it when there is no link?
Huh, no link? Oh damn, I forgot to give you the link! The bad thing is I forgot the address myself and I didn't find it anymore. But now some kind soul has send me the URL again so finally I can provide you with
-->the link to the AM-CS1.6 tutorial<--

Sorry about that mishap. :(

-[ florian ]-



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