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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.50.58 release 06.10.2003

We have decided to release Admin Mod version 2.50.58. I'll explain below why this is somewhat noteworthy. This new version brings you full Steam support, which you had already been able to verify with the 2.50.57 Beta. It also finally fixes the dreaded access loss on mapchange in CS (thank god!). And we have included more fixes and also a few new features, e.g. being able to load plugins from a directory by simply adding the directory path to the plugins.ini file and the possibility to include config files in other config files with an #include keyword. See the change log for the full stroy. We even have an PostgreSQL version for you now, if you're into that.

So why is it that I am not totally happy with this? I hate to say so, but that is again due to Steam. We always strive to improve on the stability of Admin Mod and fix all bugs we find so that we know that we release a working product. That means hours of testing during the development process. This time is different. This time, I have to admit it, we have been able to do only a limited amount of testing. And that is because the Steam system is still too badly broken in many regards, which leaves me with disfunctional, partly finished installations to test on. Or rather, not test on. By now I even got a working CS client and a working (with Admin Mod) Steam dedicated server. But I am still waiting to get the HLServer installed. And I am not the one who was against Steam from the start. On the contrary, I thought of it having potential. But this just keeps to be a disappointment, to say the least.

So while we would have loved to do the same quality and quantity testing as usual, that was simply not possible. We still decided to release this version so that you get Steam support and important fixes now and don't have to wait for it another month. We still have tested the stuff, mind you, just not as extensive as we'd liked to.

There is another thing that is not as we would have liked it to be and that is the Windows installer for Admin Mod. If you have the HLServer (the one you get via the hldsupdatetool) then you should have no problems and everything should work a before. But if you have a server installed via the Steam program, you will end up with a server without a liblist.gam file. And since that file is crucial for running Metamod, which in turn is needed for Admin Mod, you'll have a problem: the installer cannot install Admin Mod for you. Nevertheless, we have updated the installer so that it should work if the file is there. (Again, tested to work but in no way on an extensive scale). We have written up some information on how you can get the installer working with a Steam server.

So here it is, Admin Mod 2.50.58, which will work as promised to the best of our knowledge. If something doesn't, we're real sorry. Let us know so that we can fix it. Sometime. When Valve finally get Steam to a usable, stable state. I'm sure they will get there eventually. But until then I can't do much about it, it is just way too time consuming (and nerve wrecking). But I won't give up the hope and will check back in a month what the situation is. I can understand that they have other things on their minds now. Let me add that I really feel for them in this cursed situation and my thoughts are with them.

Until then: have Fun with our Mod! =)

-[ florian ]-



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