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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.50.59 release 04.01.2004

We have released a new version of Admin Mod: 2.50.59. The main reason for this update were the crashes of Linux servers caused by a recent Steam update. The server engine interface was changed in a way making it incompatible with the one of 311x servers. Thus you will need binaries of Metamod and its plugins which are specially compiled for either a 311x (Non-Steam) or a 112x (Steam) server. The normal Admin Mod is targeted at Steam servers. If you run a 311x Linux server then you have to get replacement binaries for Admin Mod and Metamod which we provide on our downloads page.

In addition, this version does include some minor changes. We have fixed a bug causing kicks not being executed properly in some cases and have added a scripting function to display a MOTD window. A function which will be able to read the text for the MOTD window from a file will be available in the next release.

One more change should be interesting for users of a Steam Windows listenserver. With this version you are no longer required to provide a password for Admin Mod as the user who started the listenserver. Admin Mod will authenticate you automatically and grant you reserved slot and reserved nick access. For additional acces rights you still need to have to have an entry in the users.ini file with your nickname and your access rights. We recommend using a password for your entry in the users.ini file to keep others from gaining your access rights unrightfully. But you don't need to fiddle with any adminpass.cfg files anymore, Admin Mod will recognize you automatically. Just to make it clear again: this is only true for the user who started the Steam listenserver.

As usual, see the changelog for the details.

As the situation with Steam seems to have improved by now, you may have less problems with installing Admin Mod to a Steam server via the installer. Always make sure you have your server configured and running before attempting to install Admin Mod. But since some may still encounter problems caused by a missing liblist.gam file, I would like to point out again our information on installing Admin Mod on Steam.

-[ florian ]-



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