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Admin Mod NEWS


Preliminary version of updated Admin Mod Windows Installer 11.06.2004

For Admin Mod we provide you with a small script, called install_admin, that you can use to install Admin Mod for the various MODs that you want to use Admin Mod on. The Windows version (install_admin.vbs) will also handle the peculiarities of the Steam platform on Windows.

Given the dynamic nature of Steam, it can happen that the installer won't work in all cases. For example, the current installer still relies on Steam account names being valid email addresses since that is what they had to be in the past. Meanwhile Steam has changed and you don't have to use an email address for your account name anymore.

We have updated the Admin Mod Windows Installer to work with new Steam account names again. We have also made some other changes to the user interface to make the installation process easier for you.

In order to not have you wait until a new Admin Mod version comes out, you can now download the updated version seperately. Simply open the Zip archive and replace the install_admin.vbs in your "Adminmod" folder with the one in the Zip archive.

-[ florian ]-

Metamod 1.17.1 released 10.06.2004

After a longer pause a new Metamod version has now been released: 1.17.1. For the most part this brings updated MOD support. Here is the changelog:

  • Additional entities for DoD 1.1, Sven Coop 3.0, Digital Paintball 2.1, The Specialits Beta 2.1, StargateTC Beta 1.1, International Soccer Online 3.0, Firearms 2.9
  • Added MOD recognition and entities for Hostile Intent 1.1, Natural Selection Beta 3.0, Rocket Crowbar 2, Counter-Strike:Condition Zero.
  • Added MOD recognition for CS13.
  • On Windows Steam servers, extract the gamedll file from the cache file if it is missing in the dlls directory.

-[ florian ]-



Would you like Admin Mod to support MS SQL Server?
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