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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod 2.50.60 released. Now also for AMD64. 22.08.2004

We have released an update to Admin Mod, version 2.50.60. This one isn't packed with new features but mostly little changes and additions. We bring you three new scripting functions which might come in handy, cvar_exists(), get_timer() and valid_mapex(), and a math library of fixed point math functions like power, sqrt, exp, log, cos, etc. in Two small exploits got fixed and the MySQL version has a new mysql_port cvar to specify the port of your MySQL server should it differ from default.

Thanks to Felix, the plugin_CS got an overhaul, so make sure you update your copy. It can now delete previously saved map and server defaults and has team- and playerspecific restrictions implemented. On the Windows side the new, improved installer is integrated which we already linked to in other news. Especially for you listenserver users is the possibility to use as the loopback address in your users.ini file.

As the above doesn't amount to much, here is the real reason we didn't want to keep you longer from getting this new version: we are now AMD64 compatible. Yes, that's right. Admin Mod now has an AMD64 version for the growing number of Athlon64 and Opteron server owners. Note, that the binary format of the compiled Admin Mod scripts does also differ from the 32bit counterpart. That means that you will need to compile plugins for 64bit servers seperately. We provide a new compiler, sc64, for that purpose. But if you make use of the "compile" and "compile_all" scripts, you should not have to worry about that. By default these scripts will compile for the platform that they are run on. That means that if you run compile_all on a 32bit machine, you will get 32bit .amx files in the binaries directory. If you run it on an AMD64 Linux server, you get 64bit .amx64 files in the binaries directory.
But if you want to cross-compile, i.e. you want to compile plugins on a 32 bit machine (Linux or Windows) to use on a 64bit server, you will have to tell the compile_all script so. You do that by adding the -64 switch to the commandline to get 64bit binaries and the -32 switch to explicitely request 32bit binaries.

As usual the Changelog can be found next to the files and has more details

-[ florian ]-

"Does Admin Mod work on CS:S? Will you make it work?" 21.08.2004

We've been asked numerous times now if Admin Mod works with Counter-Strike:Source and whether/when we will make it work if it doesn't. Answers below:

No, Admin Mod does not work with CS:Source. It cannot, because the HL2 engine, that CS:S is based on, too, is different from the old HL engine. You cannot simply push Metamod/Admin Mod on it and hope for it to work.

Whether we will create Admin Mod for the HL2 engine depends on demand. If nobody would use it there's no sense in wasting the time. If there is demand for Admin Mod on the HL2 engine (as the fact that we are being asked about it hints out) we will certainly look into porting Admin Mod to the new engine.

When that is going to happen cannot be answered by me at this time. Admin Mod depends on two things to happen before it can be ported to the HL2 engine. First, Valve needs to release the SDK for the HL2 engine. The SDK (Software Development Kit) defines the interface to the engine that all MODs and addons use to talk to the engine. Without it there is no interfacing with the engine (at least not in any sane way). Second, Metamod needs to be available for the HL2 engine since Admin Mod is a Metamod plugin. Right now nobody knows when either of those will happen. But don't expect anything before HL2 has been released.

-[ florian ]-



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