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Admin Mod NEWS


Half-Life 2 is out, where is Admin Mod for Source? 21.11.2004

As most of you will have noticed, Valve did finally release Half-Life 2. And some of you might habe noticed that the Steam Games window lists the SDK for the Source Engine, or might remember that Valve once said it would be released before/at the same time/shortly after HL2. "So", you might be asking, "where is Admin Mod for my CS:Source server then already?!"

Well, it ain't done yet. To be honest, we didn't even start writing it yet. That is because we still don't have the necessary information we need. So far only parts of the Source SDK have been released, which are those parts needed to build maps and models. But no source code is available and that is what we at Admin Mod live from. So you'll have to wait a little longer until the rest of the Source SDK, especially the sources, has been released. Which should be the case anytime now.

Even though, I'll still have to ask you to hold your horses. Valve said that the Source Engine will include something like Metamod in the future so that we will not need Metamod for Source servers to load plugins. Instead, the server has its own interface for that, the Source Engine Plugin Interface (SEPI). So we will need some time to see how that works and rewrite Admin Mod to be a SEPI plugin instead of a Metamod plugin.
Well, okay, that's maybe not the real reason. In reality we're still busy playing Half-Life 2. =)

-[ florian ]-

Metamod 1.17.3 released 17.11.2004

Metamod version 1.17.3 has been released. You can grab it from the Metamod files page or from the Metamod homepage.

If you experienced trouble with Admin Mod 2.50.60 getting unloaded on the first mapchange for no apparent reason, then this Metamod update should fix your problem.

-[ florian ]-



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