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Admin Mod NEWS


Admin Mod wants YOU! 04.10.2005

We get a lot of questions whether we want to port Admin Mod to the Source engine. Actually, we do, but we have a lack in programmers as you might have noticed from Florian's news item down there. ;) So, we are looking for people wanting to help us by contributing. (We are not looking for new AM team members though. We need people who actually do something. =) Depending on your contributions to the project and your behavior you may become part of the AM team automatically over time.)

AM wants You!

So, whom exactly do we look for?

  • First and foremost for people who will port Admin Mod to the Source Engine.

  • In addition to that for people who want to help improve Admin Mod's functions (HL1 and Source). (We have a big wishlist already.)

And of course, we are looking for reliable people who are willing to work as part of a development team. (Be prepared for a lot of discussions!)

Before you say that you like to contribute, let me point out that we don't want another AMX Mod. Nothing against this mod, but Admin Mod's main purpose was always the administration of the server and not changing the gameplay. Furthermore, we have a vision. AM for Source should use the same plugins like for HL1. The core might differ a lot, but the scripting interface should be the same for both.

Ok, you still feel you like to contribute? Add yourself to the developer mailing list. And it would be nice, if you could write a short mail introducing yourself, your skills and maybe also your ideas. The next days I'd like to discuss the wishlist on this list. If it is accepted, it will be published, so everybody can choose a topic he/she would like to work on.

And in other news, Sir Drink a lot joined the team some time ago. You might know him from the forums and his plugins. He is now responsible for the standard plugins and did a lot of work on them already. A bugfix for plugin_CS has been already published in the Ascript news.

It could be that the next Admin Mod release is mainly about updated plugins. We'll see.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Florian for all the work he put into the project. Where would we be without him. :)

-[ Black Knight ]-

Time out 04.10.2005

Hey there! Yes, you! Say, what brings you to this lonely part of the Web? It's been awfully quiet around here for some time now, hasn't it? Yup, I can almost see the virtual tumbleweed blowing by. No no, you're really at *Admin* Mod, alright. ;) Why has it been so silent, you ask? Oh. Good question.

Not an easy one to answer, I'm afraid. We asked you guys whether Admin Mod should be ported to the HL2 Source Engine and most voted 'yes'. Actually, we had planned to make Admin Mod for Source even before doing that poll. We were excited to get to see the new engine and plugin interface and what possibilities it would bring us. The Source Engine and its environment (SDK, libs) is a bit more demanding than the old HL1 engine was, so I got busy upgrading my boxen with larger harddrives and new OS versions and started coding. And then... stalled.

I'm going to spare you with the details but the end result of the process that followed was the decision that I couldn't keep working on Admin Mod anymore the way I did before. As much as I would have loved to take this great project to the next level, I am not in the position to dedicate my time and resources to it in the way it would be needed. Which means that I had to step down and take a backseat for a while.

Considering that I was the only one working on the code and doing most of the administrative stuff, that left Admin Mod in a rather unfortunate position as there was no one working on it anymore. But fortunately David (aka. Wraith,) and Falko (aka BlackKnight) agreed to step in and oversee things from now on.

The two have taken it upon themselves to get things rolling here again, so you'll probably hear more from them in the future. I'm sorry for the hold-up. I wish them the best of luck and hope that we'll have something new for you within a reasonable amount of time now. And that we can do it without coloured charts. =)

-[ florian ]-

Email working again 26.05.2005

We had some trouble with emails to during the last weeks. The email server was moved to another machine but no one noticed that the DNS MX entries didn't get updated. That is resolved now and email is working again. So should you have tried to send us an email and it bounced you may want to resend it again now.

-[ florian ]-



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