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Admin Mod NEWS


Domain gone for good 19.08.2006

The German web presence for Admin Mod used to be reachable under two domains: and In the beginning neither of the domains were registered by the Admin Mod Team but by other individuals. Although this worked well for some years, we have gone through quite some trouble over the last years as those people started to lose interest and eventually sold the domains. This has led to the web pages being unavailable from time to time under either one or the other web address. In the meantime the Admin Mod Team was lucky enough to acquire the domain (thank God for that) but wasn't able to get into possession of, too.

Which brings us to today where we're once again facing the situation that the current owner of has no interest in using that domain for Admin Mod. In fact, we were lucky enough to copy the German web presence to a backup server since it was hosted on a server owned by the same guy which is now gone. So we now have the German web pages hosted on our own server and under owned by us. Unfortunately the owner of got a little greedy and is asking a ridiculous price for which we are not willing to pay. That means that we have to say Good-bye to once and for all.

So the domain is no longer a valid address for the German Admin Mod web presence. I presume that noone will pay the price asked and thus it will one day go the way of all domains: hogged by some domain grabber presenting dubious ads under it.

Please change any links pointing to that you still have to and let us know if you find any old links on our web pages or in the forums that still point to Sorry for the trouble. That's what you get sometimes for relying on other people.

-[ florian ]-



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