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Admin Mod NEWS


SourceForge hosting is moving to new datacenter 15.09.2008

The SourceForge website service, on which this web presence is hosted, is finally moving to its new datacenter in Chicago. According to plan, this is going to happen on September 16th. So expect some downtime on this date.

As some changes in software versions and configuration are coming with the move, we may be looking at an even longer downtime and some problems ahead. Some of our configuration, e.g. concerning this news system, may need some adjusting before everything works as before. So, if we're really out of luck, you won't even see this notice.

We hope to have everything back in a working order in a short time, though. So keep your fingers crossed as we hope for a smooth transition to the new servers. I hope its worth the trouble and service will be smoother and faster then.

-[ florian ]-



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