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AdminMod Plugins

If you run Linux, you may need to convert the plugin sources to linux format. All of the plugin files are now distributed as Zip files. Linux guys, unzip the files with -a on the command line which will cause the CRLF chars to be converted to linux LF format.

Beta Status

1. Commands for working with bots.
2. Option to kick the person who started the vote
3. FoxBot Control Plugin (BotCon)

Commands for working with bots. Download

The plugin is designed to work with two bots, Podbot and Realbot. The commands are run as rcon commands are ( from the server console ) meaning this allows users with the correct access level to control the bots on a server wthout the need to give them rcon access or admin_rcon.

-[ Wraith, ]- - Last revised: 23.07.2001

Option to kick the person who started the vote Download

The original request asked for "plugin_base by Psycosis without the rest of the stuff that came with it, and the option to kick the person who started the vote". Well, I did that and added the option to cancel the vote (is mandetory for my plugins :) ), and that was version 0.7, though with bug fixes I produced 0.76. Anyway, along the way I completely re-wrote it and the only problem left in 0.75 is that if the player immediatly changes their name and do not change it back it will not spot them.

Anyway, so time went on and I slowly got bored of it only working on the net by WonID, so I thought I would re-write it from the ground upwards. This is still in BETA but you are free to download the code. BETA 0.92 works and does exactly what it says on the tin. HOWEVER, it is designed to fix a bug that anounces every player as someone who has been kicked despite them not being kicked. If there are any issues, please let me know!

Features are as follows:

  • From version 0.9 it logs kicks to a file with date and either IP or WonID. This plugin will NEVER forget, though I will add a "reset memory" function for the first non-beta version or maybe before. 0.9x fixes the bugs.
  • If a client is kicked via admin_vote_kick or admin_kick, it remembers their WonID and alerts an admin that they were kicked. This list can be amintained FOREVER.
  • An admin can cancel a vote_kick using admin_cancel_kick.

-[ Cavey ]- - Last revised: 24.06.2004

FoxBot Control Plugin (BotCon) Download

The BotCon plugin interfaces with FoxBots to give admins without rcon access to simple bot control functions. Included are the abilities to set the maximum number of bots allowed on the server, to kick all the bots at once, to change the level of the active bots, to add single bots at a time, and to kick single bots at a time. The original intention of the plugin is to allow a server owner to give his/her admins ability to use simple FoxBots commands without risking breach of security by giving rcon access. <REMINDER> Although it is in the final stages of coding this is still a BETA version and does not give access to ALL of FoxBots basic features. Only the features listed below are currently functional.

[Main Features]

admin_bot_on - Reactivates FoxBots after admin_bot_off has been used.
admin_bot_off - Sets "max_bots" to -1 and kicks all current bots.
admin_bot_level - Sets "botskill" to the entered value between 1 and 5 and kicks all current bots.
admin_bot_max - Sets "max_bots" to the entered value between -1 and 32.
admin_bot_add - Increases the "max_bots" setting by 1 and adds a single bot.
admin_bot_kick - Decreases the "max_bots" setting by 1 and kicks the next bot to die.

-[ -=AS1=-MjrStryker ]- - Last revised: 17.07.2004



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