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1. How to change the message that appears on your server.
2. A private message system for admins.
3. Tutorial for compiling

How to change the message that appears on your server.View

This is probably the one question that gets asked again and again in the forums. Let's get it answered once and for all.

-[ Dio ]-

A private message system for admins.View

Want a private message system for your admins?
In this tutorial we cover:

  1. How to merge helper function code snippets into your script.
  2. How to add a new admin_ command.
  3. And of course, how to send private messages.

-[ Dio ]-

Tutorial for compilingView

A big thanks to budfroggy for this tutorial on how to compile a script. This is geared to Jag's latest beta but most of the information can be applied to any script.

-[ budfroggy ]-



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