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So you have something you'd like to share?

If you have something you would like to contribute to any of the sections in AScript, speak up. A tutorial? A code snippet? A plugin?

Send an email to with the details of what you have to contribute. If the information is up to snuff, you'll see it here in no time (or in a couple of days, which ever comes last).

Some guidelines especially for plugins:

  1. Send a zip file (no rar, ace, etc.) with all files required to get the plugin working (e.g. special includes or configuration files).
  2. You must include a description of the what the code does in a readme file. Describe features, requirements, commands and special installation instructions.
  3. You must include the source of the plugin. Omit compiled files. We remove any compiled file from the zipped file.
  4. New submissions must be original or be a worth while modification to existing code. We will not accept one line fixes to existing plugins from other authors.
  5. Each archive is to contain one plugin and not your lives work.
  6. To speed up the publishing process provide an additional description file. (see below for more detail)

    Description file example:
    Whois Plugin

    Ravenous Bugblatter Beast




    The Whois plugin keeps a record of all players that have played on your server. It can provide details on the different names they have played under, the frequency at which they play and their relative performance when there is and isn't an administrator present. It can also detect players connecting from the same IP address but with different WONIDs so you can tell when a banned player returns with a new WONID, and it can mediate which players are required to use Cheating-Death.

    Main features:
    [li]In-game reporting[/li]
    [li]Browse whois database from the web[/li]
    [li]Integration with HLGuard[/li]
    [li]Tracks your admins' suspicions on individual players[/li]
    [li]Cross-references IP addresses and Names to detect banned players rejoining[/li]
    [li]Reports on players rejoining after being temp banned or kicked, or leaving then rejoining with a different name[/li]
    [li]Spots players connecting from the same IP address or subnet[/li]
    [li]Logs repeated or suspicious team kills[/li]
    [li]Cheating-Death mediation - the plugin will determine when a player needs to use Cheating-Death[/li]

    Possible categories are:
    • admin
    • info
    • beta
    • fun
    • auto
    • logd
    • statsme
    • mod_cs
    • mod_other
    • counter-killjoy

If you do not do all of the above, you may delay your plugin from being posted.

-[ ]-



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