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Get Firefox!

AdminMod Plugins

If you run Linux, you may need to convert the plugin sources to linux format. All of the plugin files are now distributed as Zip files. Linux guys, unzip the files with -a on the command line which will cause the CRLF chars to be converted to linux LF format.

Counter Killjoy

1. Greatly enhanced llama
2. Camper detection in a plugin.
3. A bunch of commands for you Admins.
4. A plugin for unblocking doorways that are blocked by a dispenser or a sentrygun.
5. Votes for camping, afk and ban.
6. Kick inactive players.
7. Block those creative curses.
8. Slap voting for campers and the like.
9. Findning norecoil players.
10. VoiceComm control.
11. Votes for gag and llama.
12. Send naughty players to prison.
13. Automagically ban mygot.
14. Player punishment plugin.
15. Bans players based on their name.
16. Kick idle players.
17. Warn an punish players.
18. Detect player nick changes.
19. Putting people in prison.
20. Stop teams in their tracks
21. Force client to take a screen shot.
22. Change to CD Compliance
23. Remember player names.
24. Force client to quit HL.
25. An updated Quit.
26. Map Management Plugin
27. Name Management Plugin
28. Protect Tag Plugin
29. Voting for Cheating Death required.
30. Show the last 10 cheaters from CSGuard.
31. Call for an admin
32. Monster Plugin
33. Email Report Plugin
34. Team Change Plugin
35. Whois Plugin
36. Restrict the maps to vote for.
37. Option to kick the person who started the vote
38. Bad word filter
39. Cavey TeamKill
40. Counter those jumping stats cheaters
41. Force players to change class with ease.
42. Punish those spawn killers
43. Mixing players at Round Start
44. Name Change Plugin
45. Load random map
46. Mute those HL-Voice killjoys
47. Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.6.
48. Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.7 beta.
49. Enforcing Team Goals.
50. Team Kill Detection.
51. Auto player team selection for incoming players to server.
52. Take revenge on team killers
53. Temporary vote ban.
54. Warn and punishment plugin
55. Let non-cheating death users glow in team colors.
56. Fixed Team Balance (PTB) for CS 1.6
57. No admin_vote_(kick/ban/restart) when admin is online.
58. AWP Restrictions
59. Drop primary weapon at the end of the round.
60. Yaki Quit Plugin
61. Hossalop, hossalop! Let's go! Hurry, hurry!
62. B1tchslap a target player.
63. B1tchslap and kill a target player.
64. Anti-Name-Flood Plugin. Kicks players, who change their nickname to often
65. Warn players similar to AIM's warning system.
66. Who do you call?
67. Protect your server from lame TKers.
68. Searches autmatically for restricted models
69. Spawndamage prevention.
70. Stop players from repeatingly reconnecting
71. Anticonc Detection Plugin (for TFC)

Greatly enhanced llama Download

This is based on admin_llama. But, instead of a llama, you can make whatever character you want.

Format is like this:
admin_char (target) (character) (say1) [(say2)] [(say3)]

Target is obviously the target (name, sessionid, etc), character is what you're changing their name to, and the different say phrases are what you'll change their speech in to. Only one phrase is necessary, but you can have up to three.

IMPORTANT - if your phrases contain more than one word, they must be enclosed in single quotes! - '

-[ yensid ]- - Last revised: 16.04.2001

Camper detection in a plugin. Download

Here is a plugin that "should be really great". It auto-detects campers, announces it, warns them (which can be turned off), and (optionally) slaps them. Fully customizable in the file, and customizable at run time through console commands:

admin_campercheck <"1" | "0">
Enables/disables checking for campers.

admin_camperslap <"1" | "0">
Enables/disables slapping campers.

admin_campert <value>
Sets the tolerance in units of how far they have to go before not being considered a camper.

admin_campertime <value>
Sets how often this plugin checks for campers in seconds. Default is 10.

admin_camperwarn <value>
Sets the amount of warnings campers get before being kicked, set to -1 to disable warnings.

Starts a vote for whether to have camper checking on or off.

admin_camperteam <Team>
Chooses which team to check (0=all) (for cstrike: 1 is T, 2 is CT)

Saying "camper check" or "camper-check" will output the status of camper-checking. Saying "vote_camper" will start a vote for camper-checking.

Note: Still crashes on servers with bots. Do not try to use bots, hlds will just crash about 20 seconds after the game starts.

Shady Milkman wanted me to tell you to enjoy it. He sure as hell thinks it's a great plugin, and so do I.

-[ Shady Milkman ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

A bunch of commands for you Admins. Download

What can I say. This contains a mix of commands.

New Commands:
admin_vsay2 <question> <response1> <response2> <response6>
Similar to admin_vsay, but rather than asking a Yes/No question, you can have up to six responses.
Ex. admin_vsay2 'What food does the admin like the most?' Cheese Bacon Spam

Single quotes must be used.

admin_mslap <target> <# slaps>
Slaps <target> multiple times. Only the last slap sends <target> somewhere (plus you get a console full of non-precached sound errors)

admin_glow2 <target> <R> <G> <B>
Makes <target> glow a specific RGB color. Can be used on a specific person.

admin_noimmune <command and params>
Ignores immunity for this one command.

admin_freeze <target>
admin_unfreeze <target>

Freezes/Unfreezes <target>. Like admin_bury/admin_unbury, but is mod-independent.

-[ Steve ]- - Last revised: 04.07.2001

A plugin for unblocking doorways that are blocked by a dispenser or a sentrygun. Download

There are four commands, two for removing a sentrygun, two for removing a dispenser:

admin_detsentry <target> - Removes the target's sentry gun.
admin_detsg <target> - Removes the target's sentry gun.

admin_detdispenser <target> - Removes the target's dispenser.
admin_detdisp <target> - Removes the target's dispenser.

-[ Psychosis ]- - Last revised: 04.09.2001

Votes for camping, afk and ban. Download

The Republic Plugin allows client users to vote_camper, vote_afk, and vote_ban people using the vote system. Vote_camper votes to kill someone, vote_afk votes to kick someone, and vote_ban votes to ban someone as long as the ban time is not infinate and less than 10000 minute (approx. one week). There are some gimicks though to avoid abuse. If the vote fails, the user who initiated the vote is banned for a certain amount of time depending on the vote he initiated. Also, these votes cannot be commensed if less than six people are playing to avoid biased judgement on small servers.

-[ Jimbo Hackenslash ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

Kick inactive players. Download

This plugin will kick inactive players after a number of warnings. The inactive players are determined by those considered to be on team 0 (zero). this is the team number when a player has not chosen a team.

Note: We do not allow spectators, so it's possible this plugin will not work on servers that do.

-[ Mark Schlageter ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

Block those creative curses. Download

This plugin blocks swearing when players try to creatively type it in (e.g. sh it).

The code is contains an initial comment explaining how the plugin works. One key thing to note, it needs to be placed before plugin_retribution in your plugin.ini file

-[ Mark Schlageter ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

Slap voting for campers and the like. Download

This is a small plugin I wrote. It lets the people who have access to it (variable) start a vote, so the players can decide if the want to slap a certain player. Can come in handy if someone is camping. The number of slaps, the access level needed and the vote ratio can be set at compile time. A readme file is included in the zip archive.

-[ [-DEus-]Sleight_of_m ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

Findning norecoil players. Download

Ever wanted to see if some guy had no recoil because he his bullets seemed very flat? Plugin_forcefire will force players to jump, then fire at the direction they were facing for a continuous 4 seconds. During that time, they cannot move, jump, nor change the direction they look. After the time all controls are restored. This is also good for forcing stubbern Terrorists to plant the bomb when they are by the bomb site! Comes with bmps to compair to. Please note that yensid's plugin is excellent at banning the common cheater, it cannot detect no-recoil scripts and cannot detect new cheats.

Tip: almost all cheats require no-recoil in order for aimbot to be effective. admin_ban priviliges required to use.

-[ Jimbo Hackenslash ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

VoiceComm control. Download

All it really does is allow an admin to turn off a users VoiceComm, so they can't speak to the rest of the players. Really nice for those guys that leave the mic on and play a song or something.

There are three commands included in the plugin:

admin_mute <target>
admin_unmute <target>
admin_vote_mute <target>

Pretty self-explanatory.

-[ Pablo ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2001

Votes for gag and llama. Download

This plugin will give you the right to Vote to llama, gag, unllama, or ungag someone. Access required to use these commands is: 2 LoL just out of reach of the server clients.

This is to make sure that not everyone is running around your server gaging and llamaing everyone they dont like

admin_vote_gag <name>
Votes to gag someone.
admin_vote_ungag <name>
Votes to ungag a gaged person.
admin_vote_llama <name>
Votes to llama someone.
admin_vote_unllama <name>
Votes to unllama someone.

I made this script so the public can choose what happens to people on the server.

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2001

Send naughty players to prison. Download

Plugin that allow the players to have a vote that punishes a player in a new way. They can vote to put an annoying player in prison which is a different place in each map that disables or puts a player in a spot he doesnt want to be. Activate by typing admin_vote_prison <player> into console.

-[ Bryan Clay ]- - Last revised: 18.12.2001

Automagically ban mygot. Download

This plugin checks to see if clients connect with a mygot name and it also checks every minute to see if they are playing incognito and they change their name midgame. The result is auto-permanent ban.

I feel it is better to know if they are coming on. Because if you just block their tag using the password protection method they just log on with a variation on that name and run rampant on your server until an admin does something about it.

-[ Twitch ]- - Last revised: 10.12.2001

Player punishment plugin. Download

This plugin will teleport the subject to a location where they will be subject to fall damage. It is written as a punishment for TKing, but can be adapted for any purpose by changing the tsay message.

See code comments for usage, and customization.

(This plugin is no longer supported by it's author.)

-[ Eric Foard ]- - Last revised: 05.01.2002

Bans players based on their name. Download

If a player connects with a name that contains one of the entries listed in the text file, then they will get banned. If a player changes their name to one of the offending names, they will also get banned.

In the event that this plugin bans somebody, it will write a log to its own log file, NameBanLog.txt which contains entries with Date, Time, Name, and WONID:
01/02/02 12:23:34 mygot<54321>
01/02/02 12:34:56 myg0t<12345>

-[ sank ]- - Last revised: 15.11.2002

Kick idle players. Download

The slot hound script will detect if the players on your server are inactive by tracking how long they are dead, and how long they are in the exact same location. You can set the maximum amounts and when exceeded the player will be warned, then the next minute they will be kicked. Please refer to the readme file for installation instuction and command information.

-[ KnightHawk ]- - Last revised: 20.01.2002

Warn an punish players. Download

I live on a LAN and people play on my server.

We have static IPs so I wanted something that would log who was being lame. That is where this plugin comes in. Admin_warn adds another warning to the user's details and punishes them as it goes. Each punishment is more severe than the previous one but the general list goes 1 ->2 slap, 3->4 bury, 5 -> 6 slay, 7 -> 10 kick, any more and they get banned. It is colour co-ordinated too, with later warnings taking a different colour (green, followed by yellow followed by red). So as not to leave people out if they dont want to ban by IP, I edited it quickly to ban by WonID.

admin_warn <name> <reason>
Adds a warning to the users total. YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE A REASON

-[ Cavey ]- - Last revised: 28.01.2002

Detect player nick changes. Download

This plugin allows you to configure a valid nick based on a clients WONID. If the client changes nicks, the server will tell you about it.

-[ Weaselweb ]- - Last revised: 24.01.2002

Putting people in prison. Download

This plugin was originally written by Bryan Clay.

It has been rewritten by [TCSUK]Meddler (Paulo Rodrigues) to allow multiple coordinates per map and a few other bits and pieces. Best of all you dont need to recompile to add new map coordinates. Use it as a more sophisticated version of admin_bury.

admin_vote_prison <target>
Essentially the same as the original and initiates a vote to put a player in prison.

admin_prison <target>
Puts a player in prison.

Puts all the players in prison

admin_prison_write <description>
Saves the current coordinates to a file along with a descripion

-[ [TCSUK]Meddler ]- - Last revised: 13.01.2002

Stop teams in their tracks Download

Are you tired of those people running and jumping and shooting and knifing while you are trying to setup a practice or a match? Well I was. These commands will not screw with anyone's binds and I felt it was safer than doing something that did. All it does is bury a whole team at once or unbury them. After dropping all their weapons so they can't shoot. Be aware this plugin is pretty simple and if someone is in the process of jumping off a tall building or something at the moment then they may not be buried because all it does it get their current position and then transport them down a certain amount. You can do admin_stopteam 1 more than once though and then you will have to do admin_startteam more than once too. Doing it in the beginning of a round is best.

-[ BloodyO ]- - Last revised: 05.02.2002

Force client to take a screen shot. Download

This plugins adds the command admin_ss <user> that takes a snapshot on the user's computer. It can be used against cheaters.

-[ Evgeny Popovich ]- - Last revised: 24.11.2002

Change to CD Compliance Download

This plugin changes the Cheating Death-Compliance from required to optional and back again.

-[ ERHD ]- - Last revised: 14.02.2002

Remember player names. Download

This is plugin to remember player's original name define by his WONID and be able to recover it even if he changed his name. Should help eliminate peoples talking bs about clan, server etc. under new name and thinking that nobody can recognize them.

admin_who <player>
To check player.

admin_addname <player> <name_to_remember>
To add player to the list.

-[ j23 ]- - Last revised: 14.02.2002

Force client to quit HL. Download

This plugin closes the HL of target player with the following command:
admin_quit <targetname>

-[ Mustafa ]- - Last revised: 18.02.2002

An updated Quit. Download

I made an newer version of plugin admin_quit. The Access level is now 128 (admin_kick) and Admins (with protection flag) are now protected from this command.

-[ Mustafa ]- - Last revised: 24.02.2002

Map Management Plugin Download

This plugin attempts to provide all-round improvements to the way your server changes map. There are two primary functions:

  1. It allows you to set a number of "victory" conditions under which the map changes, based on player and team scores as well as time.
  2. It provides a fair means of voting for the next map that is accessible to all players, not just those that are familiar with the plugin.

However, even on servers where no voting is required and you do not wish to use the advanced victory conditions, this plugin can still be used to improve the way the map cycle is handled.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Name Management Plugin Download

The Name Management Plugin regulates the names of players that connect to your server. This can be used for a number of purposes:

  • To prevent players using the default name for your game mod such as 'Player' or 'Private', which can lead to multiple players in the game with similar names - Player, (1) Player, (2) Player etc. causing confusion, and to Player sitting at the top of your server stats.
  • To prevent players using very short names, such as "." which means you don't notice their name appear on the screen when you aim at the camping gits.
  • To prevent players attempting to exploit Half-life/ Counter-strike/ Admin Mod script loop holes (many of which are fixed anyway). Many admin commands allow you to use either a player id, wonid or name to identify a player. Some players give themselves a numeric name which may match another players id or wonid, hence causing you to issue the commands on the wrong player.
  • To make player names easier to read and/ or type.
  • To identify players who are ghosting - i.e. can see each others screen/chat. The plugin can modify their name with a 'LAN Tag' to indicate who is ghosting, announce warnings to the other players, and automatically switch on/off forced chase camera mode.
  • To prevent players from changing their name whilst connected. (personally, I wouldn't recommend this)
  • If Logd is present on the server, the plugin will not alter a players name until after they have chosen a team, so that they get a change to see the information messages explaining why it has happened.

Each of these functions can be independently enabled and disabled by the admin, and a number of options can be modified to control how stringent the restrictions are.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Protect Tag Plugin Download

This plugin will allow you to protect your clan tag or your name with your wonid. Unauthorizaed users will be kicked, banned, or have their name changed to IMPOSTER.

Read the tags.txt file for instructions on how to set up the tags file.

-[ Bossman ]- - Last revised: 19.01.2005

Voting for Cheating Death required. Download

This plugin enables clients to vote for the value of the cvar "cdrequired". It is exactly analogous to ff votes. The vote comes up automatically after 5 and 10 minutes after the round start, or can be called by clients saying vote_cd. The plugin also autoresponds about the status of cd if certain keywords are said by clients.

-[ geniusly ]- - Last revised: 18.04.2002

Show the last 10 cheaters from CSGuard. Download

New commands:

Shows last 10 cheaters caught.

-[ SirReal ]- - Last revised: 20.04.2002

Call for an admin Download

This plugin allows players to chat to administrators at any time, regardless of what team they are on and whether they are dead. It also provides a way for the administrator to respond to the player.

This allows players to report suspected cheaters without alerting the cheater, and to comment on the configuration of the server without bothering everyone else in the game.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Monster Plugin Download

The monster plugin is a front end to the Monster Metamod plugin. The Metamod plugin was originally developed by [url=]Botman but I have made several enhancements. An enhanced metamod DLL file for windows and SO file for linux are included with the plugin.

The monster DLL allows you to add 14 monsters from half-life into any other game. The monsters will use an AI similar to that used for bots and will attack any player in its vicinity until killed. You can adjust the health and damage produced by the attack of each monster from the monster plugin's configuration files.

The Admin Mod plugin allows you to spawn monsters in the vicinity of any player from the client console or from a "point and snark" interface. You can either supply a player name, or bind the command to a key and use your cross hair, either while playing or in free look mode to target a player.

Why slap when you can snark!

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Email Report Plugin Download

The e-mail plugin allows players to send a one line e-mail message to a specified e-mail address. The server administrator sets the destination address when configuring the plugin.

The message will contain the message entered, along with the WONID/ STEAMID and name of the player sending it.

This plugin requires the Microsoft SMTP Service to be running on the server. Therefore it only works on Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 (any version), Windows XP Professional or Windows .NET Server (any version), and requires the SMTP component to be installed.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Team Change Plugin Download

This plugin updates the admin_t and admin_ct commands so that if they are used on a player that is alive, the team change does not actually occur until the end of the round. This prevents the administrator from killing a player when attempting to change their team. The usage is no different to the standard plugin_cs versions, and there are no configuration options.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Whois Plugin Download

The Whois plugin keeps a record of all players that have played on your server. It can provide details on the different names they have played under, the frequency at which they play and their relative performance when there is and isn't an administrator present. It can also detect players connecting from the same IP address but with different WONIDs so you can tell when a banned player returns with a new WONID, and it can mediate which players are required to use Cheating-Death.

Main features:

  • In-game reporting
  • Browse whois database from the web
  • Integration with HLGuard
  • Tracks your admins' suspicions on individual players
  • Cross-references IP addresses and Names to detect banned players rejoining
  • Reports on players rejoining after being temp banned or kicked, or leaving then rejoining with a different name
  • Spots players connecting from the same IP address or subnet
  • Logs repeated or suspicious team kills
  • Cheating-Death mediation - the plugin will determine when a player needs to use Cheating-Death

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Restrict the maps to vote for. Download

Do you want to give users their choice of maps, but always seem to play the same maps? This plugin will restrict the vote in such a way that they cannot vote for any of the previous 4 maps. The number is easy to change, and will end the nightmare of playing dust for hours on end.

-[ Guardian Bob ]- - Last revised: 05.09.2001

Option to kick the person who started the vote Download

The original request asked for "plugin_base by Psycosis without the rest of the stuff that came with it, and the option to kick the person who started the vote". Well, I did that and added the option to cancel the vote (is mandetory for my plugins :) ), and that was version 0.7, though with bug fixes I produced 0.76. Anyway, along the way I completely re-wrote it and the only problem left in 0.75 is that if the player immediatly changes their name and do not change it back it will not spot them.

Anyway, so time went on and I slowly got bored of it only working on the net by WonID, so I thought I would re-write it from the ground upwards. This is still in BETA but you are free to download the code. BETA 0.92 works and does exactly what it says on the tin. HOWEVER, it is designed to fix a bug that anounces every player as someone who has been kicked despite them not being kicked. If there are any issues, please let me know!

Features are as follows:

  • From version 0.9 it logs kicks to a file with date and either IP or WonID. This plugin will NEVER forget, though I will add a "reset memory" function for the first non-beta version or maybe before. 0.9x fixes the bugs.
  • If a client is kicked via admin_vote_kick or admin_kick, it remembers their WonID and alerts an admin that they were kicked. This list can be amintained FOREVER.
  • An admin can cancel a vote_kick using admin_cancel_kick.

-[ Cavey ]- - Last revised: 24.06.2004

Bad word filter Download

Features are as follows:

  • If someone uses a "bad word" it filters the string, blocks the say and execclients to say the filtered string.
  • Filters are specified in an external text file, "filter.txt". A sample one is provided.
  • Supports AM 2.50.50 and AM 2.50.26.
  • Fully install-and-forget.

-[ Cavey ]- - Last revised: 24.06.2004

Cavey TeamKill Download

So, some Brat comes on your server and tks you. You are out for blood, you want to nail him to a wall by his pre-pubescent testicles, your 20 for 1 average is now ruined and you are positively seething. This provides a method for revenge. THe options are "Forgive", "Nothing now", "Slap", "Slay", "Kick" "Temp Ban" and "Perm Ban". Now I wholly understand that you wont want people to immediatly ban the guy for one TK, so this allows you to set levels of TKing. At each level a new option appears on the list for you to choose from.

Where this plugin differs from most is that it holds individual TK records. You can only forgive a person if they have TK'd you, so you cant forgive for someone else's TKs. THe level at which they are punnished is still counted on how many TK's they have comitted globally.

Assume Bob killed Bill. Bill now has the option to "Forgive", "Nothing Now" or "Slap". If Bill chooses "Forgive", the TK is removed from Bob and his Global TK's decrease. Suppose Bill chooses "Nothing Now" and Bob kills Bill a few more times, Bill will see the "Slay" option appear on his menu. Also, if Bob goes off to TK Kate and Fred a few times, Bill can call his TK menu through "admin_tkmenu" and see who has TK'd him. As Bob will be on the list, he can punnish Bob to the limit of the Level at which Bob is globally, even though Bob only TK'd him once.

To stop repeated punnishments there is the option to forgive a TK when someone selects a punnishment, but this can be disabled so people can just increment their TKs ad infinitum (or until they get kicked).

I recommend you read the documentation and try it out to see the full potential.

*NEW* Additions and bug fixes by Spin-Doc

-[ Cavey ]- - Last revised: 24.06.2004

Counter those jumping stats cheaters Download

Ever being annoyed by people begin defusing too often? You can push your Psychostats skill this way very easy, if the award is given (default).
This plugin will slap him after 4 tries and slays him after 6.
This is a CS-only plugin. Hmm, I think this is obvious. ;-)

-[ [WING] Black Knight ]- - Last revised: 03.09.2002

Force players to change class with ease. Download

This script allows an admin to more easily force a player to change class by using the admin_<class> <target> command. E.G. admin_demoman SomePlayer would change him to demoman.
The hud_class_autokill setting does not affect this script (workaround).

-[ Chryosis ]- - Last revised: 02.10.2003

Punish those spawn killers Download

I was sick and tired of spawn killers in maps like awp_map, the fy_ series of maps, de_box, etc. Those maps were poorly designed so that some spawn points allow you to see your enemy right when you spawn. If you still have that sniper rifle from last round (or just get those lucky head shots), you can sit there during the freeze/buy time aiming directly at your opponents head and just keep pressing the fire button until the freeze time is over and everyone starts moving. Well, except for your enemy of course. You sniped him the exact instant anyone was allowed to fire preventing him from being able to put up any defense even the simple act of moving.

This AdminMod/LogD plugin will punish any player who kills another within the set number of seconds since the round starts. The punishment is usually getting killed for that round but is configurable. Right now the default time is set on two seconds, but you can always change that.

Added commands:
admin_ft_sk_spawn_time - seconds from round start when a kill is a 'spawn kill'
admin_ft_sk_announce_time - announce more details about why someone was punished
admin_ft_sk_type - How the spawn killer should be punished

-[ Mufasa ]- - Last revised: 28.02.03

Mixing players at Round Start Download

This plugin will randomize the teams in a CS game (although the source can easily be edited to allow for randomization in different mods). It will also balance the teams when randomizing so that you don't get thrown off balance when randomizing.

-[ BMJ ]- - Last revised: 15.02.03

Name Change Plugin Download

The Name Change Plugin can be used to give limited access to the admin_execclient command. It allows any admin at access level 8192 to utilize the command admin_execclient <Target> "name <New Target Name>" allowing the admin to change a target client's name to whatever he/she wishes to alter it to. The intention is that players who attempt to falsify identity or use names with characters or words prohibited on he server can be changed by any admin without requiring the admin have rcon access. <WARNING> This plugin is still a BETA and until the final version is released there may be conflicts with the plugin_retribution distributed with adminmod. Do not attempt to llama a client and then change the llama's name using this plugin. There is the possibility of an endless loop occurring that could theoretically crash the server or cause severe lag.

[Main Features]

admin_name <target> <target's new name> - Changes the name of "target" to "target's new name."

-[ -=AS1=-MjrStryker ]- - Last revised: 17.07.04

Load random map Download

This script was inspired by the pricks at work who always want to play de_dust and de_celtic over and over and over.

It will randomly select a map from your mapcycle.txt file and load it up. It will keep track of the last 20 maps played and ensures that each map doesn't get played again until it drops off the end of the list.
I havent bothered setting this number as a variable as it suited our 30+ maps nicely.

NOTE: you must have more than 20 maps listed in your mapcycle.txt or it will freak out.

-[ Toast ]- - Last revised: 04.02.03

Mute those HL-Voice killjoys Download

Tired of listening to some llama playing songs over VoiceComm?
Got a player who won't stop swearing in everyone's ears?

Then I have a plugin for you!

This plugin allows you to disable and reenable voice communications by setting the client's voice_enable 0 or 1.

Please note that once you mute 'em, they'll have to restart to get voice comms back.

-[ PetitMorte ]- - Last revised: 03.02.03

Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.6. Download

PTB detects situations, in which one team rules over the other. It looks at the current team scores, current team win streaks and the current team ratings and decides on actions with the help of these values.

Additionally PTB completely controls team joining actions of players and prevents unbalancing team joins. PTB auto-joins and even kicks obvious winning team joiners.

-[ Ptahhotep ]- - Last revised: 11.05.2002

Ptahhotep's Team Balancer (PTB) 1.7 beta. Download

PTB detects situations, in which one team rules over the other. It looks at the current team scores, current team win streaks and the current team ratings and decides on actions with the help of these values.

Additionally PTB completely controls team joining actions of players and prevents unbalancing team joins. PTB auto-joins and even kicks obvious winning team joiners.

-[ Ptahhotep ]- - Last revised: 11.05.2002

Enforcing Team Goals. Download

This simple script enforces teamwork by slaying the entire team if they fail to
achieve their goals:

Target_Bombed = All CTs die.
Bomb_Defused = All Ts die.
Target_Saved = All Ts die.
Dropped_The_Bomb = Player dies.
All_Hostages_Rescued = All Ts die.
Hostages_Not_Rescued = All CTs die.
Killed_A_Hostage = Player dies.
VIP_Assassinated = All CTs die.
VIP_Not_Escaped = All CTs die.
VIP_Escaped = All Ts die.
Became_VIP + Suicide = Player kicked (and team not punished).

No more score-whore deathmatch kiddies camping their spawns and waiting for time
to run out!
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ Trak3r ]- - Last revised: 01.01.2002

Team Kill Detection. Download

Detects team kills and attacks. TKs can be forgiven by writing "!forgivetk" in the chat.
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ Bud-froggy ]- - Last revised: 22.07.2001

Auto player team selection for incoming players to server. Download

Simply makes all connecting players choose autoteamselct to stop newbies or winning team followers.
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ [HDK]DragonReborn ]- - Last revised: 05.11.2001

Take revenge on team killers Download

After a team kill the victim gets the possibility to slap, slay or forgive the tk via chat message.
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ [WHO]Them ]- - Last revised: 01.01.2002

Temporary vote ban. Download

Allows the players to vote to ban a spammer with a 30 minute cap on it, preventing the spammer from returning; a better method than admin_vote_kick, since the spammer can just return after being kicked.

-[ 0==|==KoS==> Solarian Knight ]- - Last revised: 01.01.2003

Warn and punishment plugin Download

This is an update to Caveys warn (ID) plugin. Fixes some punishments there were broken, and made the announcements more "understandable". Only works for ID's btw.

admin_warn <target>: Issues warnings sequectially with a punishment to get their attention.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 19.05.2004

Let non-cheating death users glow in team colors. Download

This plugin makes players without C-D glow the colour of their team at the start of each round (Yea, you figured, cstrike only). Also gives them a message when making them glow. Requires StatsMe OR LogD.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 23.03.2004

Fixed Team Balance (PTB) for CS 1.6 Download

Hack of PTB. Fixes not recieving all events (Team wins) in steam cs 1.6. Also removed some of the spamming messages, and renamed "PTB" to "Team Balance" in messages since most normal people have no idea what "PTB" means.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 18.07.2004

No admin_vote_(kick/ban/restart) when admin is online. Download

This plugin will disable admin_vote_(kick/ban/restart) while any admin with admin_ban access is online. This was a definite need on our server, your mileage may vary.

This plugin must be listed before the base and default plugins, or it won't work.

-[ Lucifex ]- - Last revised: 12.07.2002

AWP Restrictions Download

Lets you limit how many AWPs each player can buy per map. Meant to limit people from overusing a very powerful weapon and ruining the game for others possibly.

Admin commands:
admin_awplimit: Set the limit, -1 disables the script
admin_awpexploit: (1) allow known exploit to occur (0) block known weapon restriction exploit (the reason this is an option is so you can catch exploiters red-handed for fun)
admin_awpcheck: Prints list of users' purchase amounts (again, use this to check if they have purchased over the command because it keeps counting)

Public stuff:
checkawp: prints out purchased AWPs
say checkawp: same thing

This plugin needs Statsme.

-[ DLB ]- - Last revised: 27.08.2002

Drop primary weapon at the end of the round. Download

Designed for use with awp_map, where the winning team (who would still have weapons) would spawn shoot the other team at the start of the next round. Designed to level the playing field.
This plugin will cause all primary weapons to be dropped at the end of the round for all players still alive.

This plugin needs Statsme.

-[ Old and Slow ]- - Last revised: 27.08.2002

Yaki Quit Plugin Download

This plugin quits clients of players.

Main features:

  • Quit half-life of one target
  • Quit half-life of all players online

-[ Yaki ]- - Last revised: 10.07.2004

Hossalop, hossalop! Let's go! Hurry, hurry! Download

This plugin is only useful on larger servers. If there are more than 9 players connected, and one of the teams only has one player left, warning messages will be given by the server to hurry up. After a warning or maybe a few warnings depending of if there are other votes going on, a vote will be put up to either have the server kill the lone player, kill the opposite team (both options ending the round of course), or just leave them alone and let them finish.

-[ Ludwig van ]- - Last revised: 26.10.2002

B1tchslap a target player. Download

This Plugin gives admins the ability to b1tchslap a target player, which basically means they get slapped once every second for SLAP1_TIME seconds

-[ Angrysand ]- - Last revised: 08.05.2002

B1tchslap and kill a target player. Download

This Plugin gives admins the ability to longkill a target player, which basically means they get slapped twice every second for 10 seconds, after which they get slay'd.

-[ Angrysand ]- - Last revised: 08.05.2002

Anti-Name-Flood Plugin. Kicks players, who change their nickname to often Download

Anti-Name-Flood Plugin

This plugin is used to kick flooders who always change their nickname to flood the server.

Player is not allowed to change nickname too often in 2 seconds. He got max. 5 warnings to stop it!
After the fifth warning, player gets kicked and his IP and AuthID is written in FloodLog.txt, which is also used by plugin_antiflood.

-[ Sir Drink a lot ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2004

Warn players similar to AIM's warning system. Download

This plugin allows people in Half-Life to warn each other similar to AIM's warning system.
To warn someone, say: /warn <player>
Player being a portion (or the whole name) of that player's name.
You can only warn a player 7 times, each time increasing their warning level by 5.
You must wait until they lose 35 of their warning level to warn them again.
You can only warn someone every 20 seconds (this is to prevent spamming).
Every 3 minutes, your warning level decreases by 10. There are punishments inflicted for the different warning levels:
15%: Three slaps
35%: Ten slaps
50%: One slay
65%: Gag
80%: 5 Slays, one every 30 seconds
100%: Kick

-[ BAILOPAN ]- - Last revised: 05.05.2002

Who do you call? Download

"Ghosting" is when players are on a LAN and give away enemy locations to their buddies. Very bad. Ghostbuster aims to curb ghosting by forcing chase cam when LAN players are present. Simple.

How it works:
Checks IP addresses of everyone who connects. If two are identical, we've got LAN players.

-[ Steakeater ]- - Last revised: 10.06.2002

Protect your server from lame TKers. Download

Protects your server from lame TKers.

Short description:
- Detect and response to team kills (TK) and team hurts (TH).
- Let the victim decide what to do with his TKer: kill, slap or forgive.
- Slay the TKer when he has reached the TK limit, and ban him (for a few minutes) when he has exceeded the limit.
- By default, 100hp team damage triggers 1 extra TK warning.

-[ <[NN]>Soul ]- - Last revised: 19.05.2002

Searches autmatically for restricted models Download

Searches autmatically for restricted models.
Restricted models are set in models2.ini with modelname:STEAM_ID.

-[ Sir Drink a lot ]- - Last revised: 09.07.2004

Spawndamage prevention. Download

If you have ever played on a friendly-fire enabled server, you know how frustrating it is to get shot or killed at the beginning of a round. It seems that all n00bs joining the server automatically empty their first clip into someone to see if FF is on, to be annoying, or even for no discernable reason.

The spawndamage plugin will automatically slay any user who teamdamages within a few seconds (customizable) of the round. After a few rounds of being slain quickly, efficiently, and without fuss, they will either refrain from shooting teammates, or leave.

-[ SirDodger ]- - Last revised: 04.03.2002

Stop players from repeatingly reconnecting Download

This plugin stops players from constantly disconnecting, and reconnecting.
admin_reconnect <on/off>
this turns the reconnection plugin on or off

-[ Footy ]- - Last revised: 08.02.2005

Anticonc Detection Plugin (for TFC) Download

The anticonc detection plugin detects the execution of the "fullupdate" command more than 2 times in a 5 second period. Upon detecting this, it changes the user's name to ANTICONC SUSPECT and ejects their cd tray. Until they cease executing fullupdate repeatedly, their name will stay as ANTICONC SUSPECT and their cd tray will remain out.

Main features:

  • Detects "fullupdate" anticonc scripts.
  • Publicly identifies suspect players for ease of tracking.
  • Allows offenders the opportunity to turn off their anticonc.
  • Allows recording of demos without falsely detecting anticonc.

-[ -=AS1=-MjrStryker ]- - Last revised: 16.11.2005



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