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AdminMod Plugins

If you run Linux, you may need to convert the plugin sources to linux format. All of the plugin files are now distributed as Zip files. Linux guys, unzip the files with -a on the command line which will cause the CRLF chars to be converted to linux LF format.

MOD Other

1. Forced Team Balancing
2. Global Warfare taunt plugin
3. A plugin for unblocking doorways that are blocked by a dispenser or a sentrygun.
4. Class restriction commands
5. Plugin to allow limited spectator use in TFC.
6. Tells users what classes they can use.
7. Three DOD plugins in one.
8. Another DoD plugin to try.
9. NeoTF Key bindings for n00bs
10. Allows team changing for the Science and Industry mod.
11. Natural Selection End of Round Plugin
12. Force players to change class with ease.
13. Vote for "The One Mode" on "The Specialists"
14. Locating players on map
15. Axe Kill Announcer.
16. Headshot Kill Announcer.
17. Gambling in TFC.
18. Votes for Mod DMZ.
19. Radiomenu for TFC
20. Teleport player(s) to you or another player.
21. Frontline Force specific commands.
22. Anticonc Detection Plugin (for TFC)

Forced Team Balancing Download

This plugin loosely based on admin_TFC.sma, allows forced team balancing by denying team join/switch to teams that would become uneven. In addition to this, the plugin also notifies the players in the server when teams are uneven (due to people disconnecting, etc).

This plugin currently only works in mods that have two teams, since I don't know how to get the number of teams in adminmod.

New Commands:
admin_balance on|off
Sets the forced team balancing.

-[ Killarny ]- - Last revised: 19.06.2001

Global Warfare taunt plugin Download

This plugin enables|disables the taunt messages in Global Warfare that people so often like to abuse.

(ie: "say_outloud 150" <- the evil Homer sound)

New Commands:
admin_gw_taunts on|off
Toggles taunts in say_outloud and say_radio commands.

-[ Killarny ]- - Last revised: 19.06.2001

A plugin for unblocking doorways that are blocked by a dispenser or a sentrygun. Download

There are four commands, two for removing a sentrygun, two for removing a dispenser:

admin_detsentry <target> - Removes the target's sentry gun.
admin_detsg <target> - Removes the target's sentry gun.

admin_detdispenser <target> - Removes the target's dispenser.
admin_detdisp <target> - Removes the target's dispenser.

-[ Psychosis ]- - Last revised: 04.09.2001

Class restriction commands Download

This plugin will allow you to restrict all TFC classes with votes or without votes.


Will open a vote to restrict that class.


Will restrict or enable that class.

So if your server has too many of 1 class vote restrict it or just restrict it.

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

Plugin to allow limited spectator use in TFC. Download

This plugin give admins the ability to limit the people that may use spectator mode in TFC. This plugin will enable spectator mode on the server.

Admins with 1024 access can use and force players into spectator mode. Normal users will be allowed to leave spectator mode but cannot enter it by themselves.

admin_spectate <user>
Puts a user in spectator mode. This command requires 1024 access.

-[ Wraith, ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2001

Tells users what classes they can use. Download

This plugin will tell users which classes are limited and if so what they are limited to. this plugin is helpful on servers that change the class limits by map. Just type admin_whatclass to activate plugin.

-[ Bryan Clay ]- - Last revised: 03.02.2002

Three DOD plugins in one. Download

This archive contains three files:

- plugin_dod_fog
- plugin_dod_sniper
- plugin_dod_mg

To start a vote say:
vote_fog or vote_mg or vote_sniper

With plugin dod_fog you can start a vote to enable fog
With plugin dod_sniper you can start a vote to disable sniper
With plugin dod_fog you can start a vote to disable mg

-[ Noplay ]- - Last revised: 18.02.2002

Another DoD plugin to try. Download

Here is another DoD plugin that gives not only access to some common cvars but also allows you to move players to different teams.

admin_ally <player>
Force a player to change to the Ally team.

admin_axis <player>
Force a player to change to the Axis team.

Plus there are admin commands to limit the classes on each team.

-[ SR71Goku ]- - Last revised: 09.04.2002

NeoTF Key bindings for n00bs Download

This plugin binds keys for players who useNeoTF. The following keys are bound for them:


The commands You can use are

admin_neobind <target>
binds those 5 keys for user.

binds it for all users.

client command to get the keys binded.

-[ Marlin Thai ]- - Last revised: 15.04.2002

Allows team changing for the Science and Industry mod. Download

Plugin to allow team changing for the Science and Industry mod.


admin_blue : Changes target to the blue team. (MCL)
admin_green : Changes target to the green team. (AFD)
admin_bindvote : Binds the vote to the v key for the target.
admin_popoff : turns help popups off for the target.

-[ Paul ]- - Last revised: 09.09.2003

Natural Selection End of Round Plugin Download

The Natural Selection End of Round Plugin corrects a bug in the Natural Selection mod. Currently when a round ends, every player is moved to the ready room. If there are a large number of players on the server this can often crash the server.

This plugin provides a temporary workaround for this problem by moving the players back to the ready room in groups of 8 rather than moving all players at the same item.

-[ Ravenous Bugblatter Beast ]- - Last revised: 16.06.2004

Force players to change class with ease. Download

This script allows an admin to more easily force a player to change class by using the admin_<class> <target> command. E.G. admin_demoman SomePlayer would change him to demoman.
The hud_class_autokill setting does not affect this script (workaround).

-[ Chryosis ]- - Last revised: 02.10.2003

Vote for "The One Mode" on "The Specialists" Download

This is a The Specialists only plugin.
This is a plugin to vote for The One Mode.
type "admin_vote_tom" to start the vote.
The results will be applied on the next map that is loaded.

-[ lazyjoe21 ]- - Last revised: 20.06.2004

Locating players on map Download

This plugin provides a means of identifying 'zones' within each map.
Any target player will then be identified as being in that zone by the 'admin_locate <target>' command. Two levels of access can be granted to the users for location purposes. With ACCESS_ZONETEAM, players may query the location of players on their team only. With ACCESS_ZONEALL, they may locate all players. To create and edit the map files, ACCESS_ZONEMAP needs to be granted to the user.

The commands this plugin registers are:
admin_locate [target]: Displays which zone target is in
admin_zonecreate <name>: Creates a new zone record
admin_zoneupdate [name]: Updates a zone record
admin_zonereset [name]: Resets zone to current location
admin_zoneundo: Undoes the last update
admin_zonesort: Sorts map file to remove elevation conflicts

-[ traF relliK ]- - Last revised: 28.01.03

Axe Kill Announcer. Download

Announces Axe fragging in Deathmatch Classic (DMC). Announcement is done by random csay or tsay messages with random colors.
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ Bud-froggy ]- - Last revised: 26.07.2001

Headshot Kill Announcer. Download

Announces headshot fragging in Team Fortress Classic (TFC). Throws a random center/typesay when someone gets headshot.
Remember that you need LogD installed for this plugin.

-[ mikey ]- - Last revised: 01.01.2002

Gambling in TFC. Download

This is an improvement on the normal dice. It has all the normal functions with an added vision fix. So when you "roll" certain numbers your vision messes up and it makes it hard to do almost anything. It has 2 different types of "drinking". The "beer" only works on TFC and all the "sayings" have been changed to TFC sayings.

-[ Patrick Call ]- - Last revised: 17.10.2002

Votes for Mod DMZ. Download

This plugin allows you to vote for many dmz-only commands in a server.

Anti-Kill: admin_vote_antikill
Ki Base: admin_vote_kibase <NUMBER>
Ki Per Kill: admin_vote_kikill <NUMBER>
Max Timeout: admin_vote_mtimeout <SECONDS>

-[ [ph34r] Mr. Satan ]- - Last revised: 20.10.2002

Radiomenu for TFC Download

This is a hack of Caveys menu plugin. It will allow a counter-strike style radio menu. Was used on a tfc server. I forgot the syntax for the menu.ini file, but i guess you could figure it out by looking at the source ;)

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 24.02.2003

Teleport player(s) to you or another player. Download

This plugin allows you to teleport a player, a team, or all players, to you or another player, all of your choice!
The purpose of this plugin, is for use in Sven Co-Op or so-called escape maps for TFC. When a player reaches a spot, you can teleport everyone to him so everyone can work together against the goal, and nobody will be behind the whole time.
Of course you can also install this plugin as a replacement for admin_stack, which only allows admins to teleport everyone on top of them.
On a sad note, its impossible to detect if the target player is standing near walls, other objects, or such. If he does some people might be teleported into the wall/object and be stuck.

-[ Zero3Cool ]- - Last revised: 25.07.2004

Frontline Force specific commands. Download

Contains all of the Frontline Force specific commands for AdminMod.

admin_wavespawn (0-3)
admin_allowkickvote (Toggle)
admin_autoidlekick (Toggle)
admin_autobalance (Toggle)
admin_killerhealth (Toggle)
admin_fadetoblack (Toggle)
admin_flashlight (Toggle)
admin_forcebalance (Toggle)
admin_grenades (Toggle)
admin_teamchange (Toggle)
admin_friendlyfire (Toggle)
admin_footsteps (Toggle)
admin_allowspects (Toggle)
admin_allowicons (Toggle)
admin_spectchat (Toggle)
admin_grenadespam (Toggle)

-[ SR71Goku ]- - Last revised: 23.04.2002

Anticonc Detection Plugin (for TFC) Download

The anticonc detection plugin detects the execution of the "fullupdate" command more than 2 times in a 5 second period. Upon detecting this, it changes the user's name to ANTICONC SUSPECT and ejects their cd tray. Until they cease executing fullupdate repeatedly, their name will stay as ANTICONC SUSPECT and their cd tray will remain out.

Main features:

  • Detects "fullupdate" anticonc scripts.
  • Publicly identifies suspect players for ease of tracking.
  • Allows offenders the opportunity to turn off their anticonc.
  • Allows recording of demos without falsely detecting anticonc.

-[ -=AS1=-MjrStryker ]- - Last revised: 16.11.2005



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