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AdminMod Plugins

If you run Linux, you may need to convert the plugin sources to linux format. All of the plugin files are now distributed as Zip files. Linux guys, unzip the files with -a on the command line which will cause the CRLF chars to be converted to linux LF format.


1. More retribution...CS Style
2. Anti-flood control for those yacky players.
3. Do some common commands without typing.
4. Announces time remaining automatically.
5. A replacement for plugin_CS.
6. Ooooh the colours....
7. A replacement for the plugin_fun.
8. Get the time left on your map votes.
9. More glow colours and some help to boot.
10. Add a touch of class... or ass to your llama's
11. Centersays with sound. Cool.
12. The MAT finally available in a plugin!
13. A HLDS map vote that keeps showing the winning map
14. Slapping for a foul mouth
15. Better than banning the AWP.
16. Change the mp_footsteps and mp_flashlight without rcon
17. A replacement for plugin_base that has more colours.
18. A new admin_kick that remembers.
19. Some commands made easy.
20. Change your times in Counter-Strike.
21. This plugin is used for banning people by ip address.
22. The Anticheat plugin. (OGC4/HLH)
23. Another flood protector.
24. An update retrobution with a nice swear filter.
25. Base plugins with extra logging
26. Cancel map and kick votes.
27. DOD 2.0 plugin by {BB}
28. A modified antiflood.
29. No lag antiflood
30. Some common commands to add to CS.
31. A modified DOD plugin
32. Lets you see the connected clients IP address
33. Add CSGuard checks on the fly.
34. CS-Guard menu control.
35. Show the last 10 cheaters from CSGuard.
36. An additional CS plugin.
37. Some control for CSGuard
38. An enhanced map voting system to replace plugin_hldsld_mapvote.

More retribution...CS Style Download

This plugin adds two admin commands that should deter cheating in CS. It takes the original code by KaReL and [fah-q] Dio and impliments it as a plugin.

The new commands added are:

Plants target in the ground, makes him glow green, and drop all his goods. To bad you can't drop a grenade.

Un-plants the target after a bury. Don't know why you'd want to.

Get/Set the number of seconds the buried player should glow.

-[ Dio ]- - Last revised: 31.07.2001

Anti-flood control for those yacky players. Download

This plugin will kick a player if they say more than 5 things in 2 seconds (approximately). The plugin now also logs the kicks to a file. This should stop those players who like to bind say commands to keys, and abuse them.

-[ sank ]- - Last revised: 15.02.2002

Do some common commands without typing. Download

This plugin is for all you non-typists. It allows you to bind almost any player related command to a key.

This can only handle commands that take the player as the first command argument. eg. admin_slap <player>

I will update it at some point for the player as any parameter.

To create a bind for this you would put this in your config.cfg
bind S "admin_point admin_slap"

For a 30 minute ban, you would do this:
bind B "admin_point admin_ban 30"

For a teleport to a know location (x:123 y:456 z:789) you would do this:
bind T "admin_point admin_teleport 123 456 789"

New Command:
admin_point <admin_command> [ any other stuff you want]
This makes it easier. You can do anything you want with one admin command.


Linux systems crash issue has been fixed since 2.50c. This should work on both platforms now.

-[ Dio ]- - Last revised: 17.06.2001

Announces time remaining automatically. Download

This is not entirely new code as it's just an adaptation of a code snippet posted on the site for the old scripting setup. Essentially, it's starts some timers at init time and announces the time remaining at 20, 10, 5 and 1 minutes left.

-[ schlag ]- - Last revised: 10.04.2001

A replacement for plugin_CS. Download

This plugin replaces the existing plugin_cs. You will still have all of the standard features of plugin_cs but you can also use weapon restrictions on a specific player if you like.

-[ yensid ]- - Last revised: 16.04.2001

Ooooh the colours.... Download

Do you want to see freaky text change colour before your eyes? Do you want to feel like you are on some kind of powerful drug?


Ok, fine be that way...anyway, you will love this plugin. admin_rsay will make your average csays fade from one colour to another with ease and no need for psychedelic (sic?) drugs...:D

admin_rsay <colour1> <colour2> Message

Note: You MUST REPLACE your current file found in the include directory with the one found in the zip file.

-[ Bud-froggy ]- - Last revised: 25.04.2001

A replacement for the plugin_fun. Download

This plugin will replace your existing plugin_fun! It gives you more glow colors.

-[ Nikeeeee ]- - Last revised: 10.05.2001

Get the time left on your map votes. Download

This is a replacement for the standard plugin_hldsld_mapvote.sma file, that contains the "votetime" command by Frizzled.

When an hlds_ld mapvote is active, this command allows clients to say "votetime" to return the timeleft in the map vote.

Returns minutes and seconds.

-[ GeSpot ]- - Last revised: 02.05.2001

More glow colours and some help to boot. Download

This plugin is intended to replace plugin_fun. It adds more glow colours and adds some help so that you can see the colours that are available.

-[ Scott Atkins ]- - Last revised: 04.06.2001

Add a touch of class... or ass to your llama's Download

This will give your llama's a voice.. funny as hell to hear your llama's ooorgle in battle.

Throw the wav files into your sounds\misc dir add the plugin to your ini file and toss the amx into your dlls folder and your off!

-[ -=CPU=- R3AP3R ]- - Last revised: 25.05.2001

Centersays with sound. Cool. Download

This plugin basically plays an audio file then displays a csay message afterwards. ie. admin_message this is a test would play the message.wav ("message from administration") and display "this is a test" in centersay after the wav completes.

Included in this zip:

  1. message.wav (place in mod\sound\misc dir)
  2. plugin_adminmessage.sma (for editing)
  3. plugin_adminmessage.amx (place in mod\dll dir)
  4. (place in Admin\scripting\include)
  5. mapname.res (change name to a map on your server and place in mod\maps dir)

Make sure that you add the dll/plugin_adminmessage.amx to your plugin.ini file and you should be ready to rock!

-[ Shady Milkman ]- - Last revised: 09.06.2001

The MAT finally available in a plugin! Download

Well, if you don't know about the MAT, you haven't been around the Admin MOD forums very long. The MAT is a thread started by Bud-froggy that has turned into a place where most of us say things for no apparent reason, ridiculous things happen, and we have decided to try to make the thread one of the longest in Inet history (or at least in AM's, laf) . It is where we go to ramble and flame, tell jokes, discuss not so serious issues, and basically have fun. This plugin is the result of the thread. It sums what the thread has become: out of control. The plugin make all clients say thing that really make no sense, at least to those not familiar with the thread. I will try to update the plugin as new catch phrases come along, as a reminder of the true essence of the thread.

_New Command_
Makes everyone say useless but fun comments. :-)

-[ Scoutn ]- - Last revised: 04.07.2001

A HLDS map vote that keeps showing the winning map Download

This is another replacment for the stock HLDS map vote included in AM. This one will display the winning map so far at timed intervals during the vote. It also contains the votetime function from GeSpot.

-[ Josh ]- - Last revised: 12.07.2001

Slapping for a foul mouth Download

Modifications to plugin_retribution:

Now the plugin slaps all those pesky, foul mouthed users.

-[ [SNAFU]SniperDan ]- - Last revised: 30.07.2001

Better than banning the AWP. Download

OK, I wrote a plugin for CS (sorry, it's CS-only) servers who don't want the awp to be used. Instead of restricting the awp, I have this plugin that gives them warnings. First it slaps them to 5hp, second buy, it kills them. The third time they buy an awp, it will kick them. If they come back, it will ban them for 15 minutes the next time they buy an awp. I have the code that will allow them to be banned permanently if they've been banned once before, just commented out in the plugin.

The reason I don't restrict the awp, is the same reason that god didn't move the tree of knowledge out of the garden of eden. He knew that they'd eat from it, but left it there anyway, to tempt them. Guess it all just boils down to the fact that admins wanna have fun! =)

So, two new commands added:
admin_awpcheck (1|0)
Turns checking on or off

Shows running total since server started of all slaps, slays, kicks, and bans for awp-buyers...

New for this update:

  1. Showbriefing workaround of weapon restrictions.
  2. It kicks anyone who manages to get a shot fired off (and kill) with the awp.

Must be made steam and am 2.50.56 and higher compatible. Volunteers?

-[ Joe ]- - Last revised: 12.10.2001

Change the mp_footsteps and mp_flashlight without rcon Download

This script allows you to change the mp_footsteps and mp_flashlight cvars without requiring access to rcon. If you do not pass a parameter to the commands the value is toggled.

admin_footsteps <0> or <1>
1 turns footsteps on, 0 turns them off.

admin_flashlight <0> or <1>
1 allows flashlights to used, 0 disallows flashlights.

-[ Gnugy ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

A replacement for plugin_base that has more colours. Download

This is a updated plugin_base.sma I just added some more colors to admin_tsay and admin_csay

They new colors are Terq (Tercouice), Skyblue, brown, lime, orange, teal, pink, aqua, navy (Navy blue) and olive.

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

A new admin_kick that remembers. Download

I created a new admin_kick (a modified plugin_base.sma). The difference between the new admin_kick and the old one is that this one remembers the last five people kicked, and warns you if they come back, even under a different name. It also tells you what the name of the player was at the time he was kicked. It looks like this:

(Warning) <new name> has been recently kicked. (<old name>)

So if I was on a server under the name Psychosis, you kicked me, and I changed my name to RandomGuy before returning, it would say this to all admins when I reconnected:

(Warning) RandomGuy was recently kicked. (Psychosis)

-[ Psychosis ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

Some commands made easy. Download

This plugin is for using some commands only avaible through the listenserver.cfg or server.cfg but now you can change these from the game as long as you're an admin.

admin_evap 1|0
1=Dead people only see black screens.

admin_c4timer <time>
Default 45 seconds TIME IN MINUTES.

admin_hostagepen <pen>
Max amount of hostages a player can kill before kicked.

admin_chasecam 2|1|0
2=Camera never moves when dead.
1=Chase camera mode.
0=Free look (any mode).

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

Change your times in Counter-Strike. Download

Here is a plugin that will allow you to change your freezetime, roundtime and startmoney.

admin_freezetime <time>
Sets freezetime (set in seconds).

admin_roundtime <time>
Sets roundtime (set in minutes).

admin_startmoney <money>
Sets startmoney (Min: 800 Max: 16000)

NOTE: Freezetime is how long your frozen at round startings
NOTE: Roundtime is how long each round is
NOTE: Startmoney is how much money everyone starts with

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 25.10.2001

This plugin is used for banning people by ip address. Download

You must have:
exec listip.cfg in your server.cfg (or listenserver.cfg, as appropriate) or autoexec.cfg of your server to load the stored IP addresses.

The command for this plugin is as follows:
admin_banip <target> [<reason>]

Bans the ip address of the target. Optionally, you can include the reason to be displayed when they are kicked.

<target> indicates a specific player's Session ID, WONID, name, partial name, or IP address.

[<reason>] is an optional parameter you may add. It is the reason you would like displayed in the users console who is banned and kicked.

*NOTE* you can use admin_unban to remove an IP address from being banned, so there is no need for an admin_unbanip.

-[ yensid ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

The Anticheat plugin. (OGC4/HLH) Download

This plugin currently contains commands to help prevent various cheats that register their own cvars.

enough said.

-[ yensid ]- - Last revised: 19.11.2001

Another flood protector. Download

This plugin was adapted from plugin_sank_antiflood.sma by Sank.

There are no functions included in this plugin. It is a flooding filter so people don't sent too many commands to the server in a short period. It determines that a user is flooding the server if they say approximately 10 things in less than 2 seconds.

-[ Alfred ]- - Last revised: 21.11.2001

An update retrobution with a nice swear filter. Download

This is a modified version of the default expressive-llama retribution. Alters the censorship method from removing the whole line and replacing it with some phrase to:

  1. replacing the parent string that contains an offending string with @,#,$,& or * symbols.
  2. replacing only the offending string/substring with * using censor_words() function
  3. replacing the whole line with an amusing llama-ish word/sound.

The method of choice is set pre-compile with CENSOR_METHOD

-[ Paegus ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2001

Base plugins with extra logging Download

This pack of plugins will log who used what commands into a file named 'logs.txt' this pack has every default plugin that comes with AdminMod so just replace the old version of the plugin with the new version and place 'logs.txt' into your cstrike folder.

And now you can see who has been useing what commands on your server i added this log feature so server ops would know if other admins where using to many commands.

The commands are the exact same and work the same way but now log the commands. Example:
[ADMIN] -TaR-Sharpsniper used admin_command admin_kick Hacker.

And also logs peoples connects and disconnects and replaces admin_command with admin_cheat when someone uses a admin_cheat. Enjoy!

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 04.12.2001

Cancel map and kick votes. Download

This modification of a default AdminMod plugin allows an admin to cancel a user initiated Kick or Map vote. It gives this access at level 128 by default. It is designed for dealing with llamas that initiate votes for no reason! When canceled it will say "Vote cancelled by admin." It will only effect an inprogress vote (it will not cancel any future vote).

It includes both a modified plugin_base.sma for people that haven't changed their existing one as well as the component changes with instructions for adding them to your existing plugin_base.sma file.

Forces a Map or Kick Vote in progress to fail.

-[ Random Chaos ]- - Last revised: 16.12.2001

DOD 2.0 plugin by {BB} Download

This plugin will let you change many of the commands specific to Day of Defeat 2.0. DOD 2.0 is not an update, its a new mod so I have worked long and hard on creating this from scratch. I have precompiled the plugin both for linux and windows. Each command has its own helpline, but I have also included a readme file that explains in more detail on what the commands do as well as how to install the plugin.

-[ BB ]- - Last revised: 08.02.2002

A modified antiflood. Download

This is my version of sank's antiflood plugin. Rather than kick the user, it makes them execute "disconnect". It works really well on my LAN server, not sure about in a public server where lag exists. It uses the same FloodLog.txt with minimal difference in entries (dropped instead of kicked). Anyways, the zip doesn't contain any readme files, just compile and fire away.

-[ [PCE]teledyne ]- - Last revised: 31.12.2001

No lag antiflood Download

I found that the antifloods offered on the AScript site caused lag on my server when people connected (inordanat amounts of lag) I also added a mute timer that is easy to understand, i also added correct -1 to user indexes, considering that an array starts at index 0 i don't know if this matters or not in the cs world, but seeing all the MAXPLAYERS fields in array brackets really bothered me :-P

-[ Dead_One ]- - Last revised: 10.01.2002

Some common commands to add to CS. Download

Here is a plugin that I made as an addition to plugin_cs.

Here is what it includes:
admin_buytime <time>
Changes the ammount of buy time before the round starts.

admin_c4timer <time>
Changes the ammount of time before the c4 explodes.

Toggles the use of the flashlight on and off.

Toggles footsteps on and off.

admin_roundtime <time>
Changes the ammount of time for a map.

admin_startmoney <time>
Changes the ammount of money that a player starts with.

admin_freezetime <time>
Changes the ammount of time before the round starts.

admin_startmoney <time>
Changes the ammount of money that a player starts with.

admin_tkpunish <time>Toggles team killing punishment on and off.

-[ SR71Goku ]- - Last revised: 27.02.2002

A modified DOD plugin Download

A modified version of BB's DOD plugin with new DOD specific commands. This plugin also contains the DOD 2.0 commands for clan matches and updated class limit commands. You got to have access level 2 to change theese settings.

New commands:


The zip file contains a readme, source and precompiled versions of the script.

-[ Alex ]- - Last revised: 03.02.2002

Lets you see the connected clients IP address Download

This plugin will keep track of the connected clients IP addresses and allow you to view them with the following command:

Shows the ip addresses of clients.

-[ W@lker ]- - Last revised: 03.02.2002

Add CSGuard checks on the fly. Download

Using the idea from the other CSGuard plugin I decided to make a plugin that will allow people to add Cheat Checks right in the middle of the game with a built in restart round to load the new cheat checks. You should read the README.TXT file to know how the CSGuard cheat checks work. If you dont you won't add the checks the right way, this wont wreck your server or anything just the check wont work.

admin_csgcheck <format>
Adds a new check to CSGuard.

admin_csgcheck "exec ../ogc.exe:OGC:MZ" "fb"

Note: YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD THE 'csg_check' thats auto added.

-[ Sharpsniper ]- - Last revised: 21.03.2002

CS-Guard menu control. Download

This plugin gives admins access to open the csguard-menu, and to use the csg_say function. You must have CS-Guard installed and activated.

Opens the csguard-menu on admin.
note: admins have not to know the csguardmenu password (csg_menupassword), but you must define in your csg_menu.cfg the csg_menupassword, or it will not work. The access for "admin_csgmenu" is

admin_csay2 <color> <msg>
Shows message in CS-Guard engine like csay in red, blue, green, white, yellow, lila and cyan. The access for "admin_csay2" is SAY-ACCESS.

admin_tsay2 <color> <msg>
Shows message in CS-Guard engine like tsay in red, blue, green, white, yellow, lila and cyan. The access for "admin_tsay2" is SAY-ACCESS.

-[ MrClone ]- - Last revised: 24.03.2002

Show the last 10 cheaters from CSGuard. Download

New commands:

Shows last 10 cheaters caught.

-[ SirReal ]- - Last revised: 20.04.2002

An additional CS plugin. Download

When we played our first clan war we discovered there were some commands lacking from the standard CS plugin. So i made a new one to run alongside it.

It adds 12 AM commands (access level 2), that really only are needed during clan wars :


Each command comes with it's own help line, so it should be easy to get to grips with.

-[ BlueDemon ]- - Last revised: 02.01.2003

Some control for CSGuard Download

This is a simple little plugin admins can use to nable/disable components of csguard. Included in the zip file are the linux and windows version of the sma.

-[ [Mx2]Torakusu ]- - Last revised: 17.03.2002

An enhanced map voting system to replace plugin_hldsld_mapvote. Download

A MUCH improved admin_vote_map system.
Allows for up to 9 maps to be in the vote list.
Clients can vote with 1 keystroke.
Autostarts at ~5 minutes before the end of each round.
The map vote list is customizable and robust.

Due to the authors wish, the plugin has been removed due to a conceptional bug. We keep it, so maybe someone likes to fix it.

-[ kwan ]- - Last revised: 10.01.2004



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