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Admin Mod NEWS


ServerInfo 2.0 29.12.2001

Terry has (finally ;) released a new version of his ServerInfo game browser tool. The beauty of this tool is the Admin Mod integration it has, check it out.

-[ alfred ]-

Forums 23.12.2001

We are experiencing "technical" difficulties with the forum (no, it wasn't me this time ;)

Our server in Texas has stopped responding and so have the people that look after it for us....

So, in the mean time the forums have been redirected to another server and our last backup used, which means there is a two week gap :( (the forums are damn huge....).

-[ alfred ]-

New Admin Mod config program 21.12.2001

Dodger has been busy whipping up a configuration tool for Admin Mod. Its called AMConfig and you can go here to check it out or just go to the download page for the link :)

-[ alfred ]-

FreeBSD Help guide 05.12.2001

CornHolio has written an install guide for all of you FreeBSD server ops out there. Check out the help page for the link :)

-[ alfred ]-

Interview with Accelerated Gamers 14.11.2001

Slow Gherkin (which you may also know from the Admin Mod forums) interviewed Alfred for Accelerated Gamers. You can read the interview at the xlgamers site.

In the interviews section of xlgamers you will also find an interview with our peers from LogD.


-[ florian ]-

Beta fixes csay bug 01.11.2001

The update to fix the csay bug still isn't available. Various other bugs have been found and are getting fixed.

But there is a beta available which includes the fix for the csay bug. People who still have problems with getting kicked on a mapchange should try the beta, too.

And if you were getting crashes with Admin Mod and bots, this beta is for you. Bot protection should now be better again.

-[ florian ]-

A little fun and humor for the community... 30.10.2001

From our friend Whizzer comes a little fun and humor... Had to share it with the community.

Hey Gerg,

This is my newest creation about CS, hacking, and how Adminmod saves the day.

I was wondering if you could post a news byte about it.
Thanks, Whizzer!

-[ greghughes ]-

AMX Converter 26.10.2001

Yes folks, the online compiler is gone for good. We won't bring it back up. It's just too much trouble to find out why it keeps eating all of the web server's memory when run via PHP.

But don't despair. We invested some time to help those who run Linux servers but cannot compile plugins under Linux. The result is the Amx Converter. It lets you convert compiled Admin Mod script binaries between Linux and Windows format. Now you can compile your plugins on Windows and then convert them to Linux format.

Get it from the downloads page. There is a GUI version for Windows and a commandline version for Linux.

-[ florian ]-

Bug in 2.50.09 26.10.2001

As some of you may have noticed, in the 2.50.09 version HUD messages (i.e. csay, tsay, rsay) don't get displayed to LAN clients. This is a bug which sneaked in during the switch between CVS modules. A fix should be available on the weekend.

-[ florian ]-

2.50.09 repackaged with correct dll 24.10.2001

Count on me to screw things up. The first release of the 2.50.09 packages had the wrong DLL version coming with them. It let you set the amv_reconnect_time CVar but it didn't use it correctly.

That has been corrected and the 2.50.09 packages have been repackaged with the correct DLL now.

That also means that early updaters who got the 2.50.09 before October 24, 17:30 UTC should get the update package again and replace the DLL (.so) if they want to use this CVar.

Sorry about that.

-[ florian ]-

2.50.09 release! 24.10.2001

Florian has been doing battle with the code and has managed to produce 2.50.09 :)
This version is a MUST for ALL server ops, it fixes a serious security issue with the visibility of passwords to other players. UPDATE NOW!
It should also fix the being dropped at match change problem, some scripting issues and adds some anti cheat options. Check the UPDATE_INFO.txt file in the Admin Mod zip file for details.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download it!

-[ alfred ]-

Quick Fix Release (2.50e1) 31.08.2001

As mentioned in a post below there is a potential crash bug in 2.50e, and seeing as 2.51 is a while off yet we are releasing a patch version. These zip files ONLY contain an updated dll file which you must manually copy over the existing file. This update also includes a cool little feature that will kick in once the 1108 update is released :)
Now for the downloads:

-[ alfred ]-

GUI Admin Mod configurator 28.08.2001

Its finally here, what you have all been waiting for
<drum roll>
Karel's Admin Mod Configurator
Its a VB based program so its for Win32 users only, but it makes running and maintaining your server damn easy ;) Karel also said he will be releasing the source code to this program from his website in the near future.

Hopefully this should reduce the support requests on the forum (a little, reading the freaking manual would also help us people ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod "exploit" 28.08.2001

There is a potential crash bug in one scripting function, typesay() . We will be releasing a fix for it soon, but in the mean time if you find users exploting the problem then either remove all "typesay()" calls from any scripts you run or limit the length of the string they are passed (to say 50 chars).

This exploit does not cause any security issues for the server, but it can crash out clients which people, funnily enough, find a tad annoying.

-[ alfred ]-

Cracker summary 27.08.2001

I have written up a little piece about the cracker that got into our server machine. Its written for the general internet user (not too technical ;) so it may show you what really goes on (its a battlefield out there!). If you have questions or want to chat about the article I have started a forum thread.

-[ alfred ]-

Were back! 24.08.2001

Forums are back, my email is back up :) Its all good.

CFGN stuff (i.e forums and banner ad) could be a little flaky for a couple days as I rationalise the server (as its kinda strung together right now) but things are working again :)

-[ alfred ]-

DNS is back :) 23.08.2001

Whelp, DNS is finally back up (don't ask....), forums should be back up later today once I get the time to fix them (after I finish my real job that is).
Once the machine is running I am going to write up a bit about how we got hacked, but it seems right now that it was done via a telnetd exploit into our FreeBSD box (which I don't know how to run properly/optimially as I am a Linux man ;).

-[ alfred ]-

Cracker 14.08.2001

Whelp, some script kiddie broke into our forum/name server and went nuts on it. While no data is lost (we hope)the machine has bee taken down and won't come up till a new O/S is installed upon it.
So for now the Forums are offline and you may or may not be able to reach "" as the name server for that name is also offline.

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod updated to v1.09.00 02.08.2001

Once again, another MetaMod update to keep us all up to date, thanks to WillD:

- Mod recognition and entities for 'Wanted!' v1.5.
- Mod recognition for Adrenalinegamer v3.2 and v4.1 (no special entities).
- Additional entities for version 2.3 of Oz Deathmatch.
- Additional entities for version 1.0 of Wizard Wars.
- Additional meta-utility function CALL_GAME_ENTITY. Raised
- Added proper GPL notices.

Head on over to the MetaMod web site and grab the new DLL (or .so for you Penguins).

-[ greghughes ]-

LogD Parser Add-On Now Available! 28.07.2001

Kndroc, Wraith, and Bud-froggy got together recently to forge ahead with some often-requested and much-needed functionality that could not be offered without some serious coding being done. Thus was born the idea for LogD. Rather than trying to describe it to you, here is an exceprt from the LogD Web site:

Log Deamon, also known as LogD, is what all server admins using Admin Mod have always wanted. A Meta Mod plugin and an Admin Mod add-on, LogD is the equivalent to a log parser, only better. By catching API calls sent by the game engine, it has the same effect as log parsing, except that it catches the events before they are logged, resulting in no delays from network traffic. LogD's reaction time is therefore faster than any other parser.

Using this nifty little plugin-in, you can trigger Admin Mod commands depending on the events. The stock plugin comes with an array of interesting Admin Mod plugins, including, but not limited to Team Kill Detection, Killing Spree Announcements and Knife Arena.
So, head on over and check it out!

-[ greghughes ]-

Updated French Version 26.07.2001

dJeyL has been busy updating the french "port" of admin mod. So, if french is your native tongue head over to the french site (see the link just to the right ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod interview with Challenge CS 21.07.2001

mode6nine just finished an interview with me about Admin Mod, the text can be seen on Challenge CS. (Archived page)

-[ alfred ]-

FA 2.5 and Admin Mod 12.07.2001

[ME]GutwrencheR sent me a great writeup about how to get FA rc2.5 and Admin Mod working together, you can view it here.

-[ alfred ]-

Metamod updated for Gunman Chronicals 09.07.2001

Another update to Metamod - The latest version is v1.08.02 (Jul 6).

Notable changes in this version include:
- Added mod recognition and entities for Gunman Chronicles.
- Added list of supported mods to docs.
- Made a couple of changes to better work with MSVC.

The list of supported game mods is now maintained at: and the Metamod web site for more information and to download the latest version is located at

-[ greghughes ]-

csmerkezi interview 03.07.2001

I have just finished an interview about Admin Mod with the guys from csmerkezi, a Turkish CS website. This is the first real Admin Mod interview I have done, so jump on over to to them and have a good read (all you Turkish readers can read it in your mother tounge).

-[ alfred ]-

ServerSpy 03.07.2001

Version 2.2 of a game management tool called ServerSpy has been released over at Goonsquad.
It features Admin Mod support for TK punishment (and my guess is the integration with Admin Mod can easily be extended ;), so it could be a good solution for all you win32 admins!

-[ alfred ]-

New Metamod version 1.08.01 30.06.2001

Will has released a new Metamod version - remember that Admin Mod depends upon the Metamod DLL being kept current in order to maintain comaptibility when MODs change over time. You can grab it over at the Metamod web site.

2001/06/30 1.08.01
- Updated for Day of Defeat v1.3. The name of its win32 dll changed
(was mp.dll; now dod.dll). No new entities.
- Added mod recognition and entities for Rocket Crowbar.
- Fixed problem with windows internal DLL version (don't use leading
zeros as compiler will assume it's octal notation).

-[ greghughes ]-

Slow Forums 27.06.2001

Yup, the forums will be slow for the next few days. The server hosting the forums was meant to be moved to a new (faster) connection, but the ISP arranging the new connection stuffed things up. So for now we are stuck on the end of a small link.
Also, the move means we are suffering with only 1 server rather than the usual two (one web and one db) so you may get "Too many connections" errors.
We will fix this as soon as possible, so just bare with us in the mean time.

-[ alfred ]-

Announcing Admin Mod 2.50e - Released! 17.06.2001

Admin Mod 2.50e is available in either a full package download or as a patch download for users of version 2.50d. The patch files version has brief instructions in the archive file.

If you are currently running a version older than 2.50d or you are not sure what version you are running, please download and install the full version of v2.50e.

Version 2.50e contains several bug-fixes and performance enhancements. See the change logs in the Admin Mod documentation's Reference section for details. There are a number of changes, but probably the three biggest things addressed in this version are:

  • Version 2.50e now supports MySQL, so those of you running that platform can move once again into modern times.
  • The procedure for using Bots with Admin Mod has been changed, and is now simpler. Please see How to Use Bots with Admin Mod for more information. Note that MetaMod v1.08.00 is included and is required for this version of Admin Mod to function properly.
  • Several plugins had problems interoperating with 2.50d due to some execclient changes, and that problem has been resolved in this version of the Admin Mod engine and through the updating of some of the plugins at the AScript site. The plugins that have changed are:
    • plugin_chat
    • plugin_base
    • plugin_dio_lazy
    • plugin_dio_point
    • plugin_private
    • plugin_sank_chatmode

-[ greghughes ]-

Wedding Photos 16.06.2001

I promised them, and here they are (finally :). 3 nice big shots of my happy day. I was married on April the 14th at the Hotel Kurajong (in their gardens). This was the main reason that AM's development slowed for a while :)
They can be viewed on this page.

-[ alfred ]-

Patch for 2.50d - Bots, exec-client fixes 10.06.2001

The AM 2.50d update released yesterday was discovered to have two problems: One was that a few commands for execclient were left out. That is why admin_t and admin_ct were not working. The second problem was with the extended bot protection mechanism.

Both problems have been corrected. As of June 10th, 17:00 UTC, the 2.50d package in the download section has an updated dll. If you already have 2.50d installed you can simply copy the dll (Win: admin_MM.dll, Linux: over the one in your /dlls directory.

If you have already downloaded Admin Mod 2.50d, no need to download the whole thing again. You can download the patch here. Note that this patch is to be applied to versions of 2.50d only. If you have a previous version of Admin Mod, you need to download the full distribution from the Downloads page. If you don't know what version you're running, well then, download the whole thing.

Happy slapping. : )

-[ greghughes ]-

My musings 09.06.2001

I was just playing with gamespy and I found some interesting results. After adding a filter to scan for Admin Mod enabled servers, guess what I found?

About 1/3 of halflife servers are using Admin Mod. When I checked the exact numbers 4064 out of 12646 servers. I also had a quick look at the gamespy stats page (located here). When I looked at it 9700 servers were running CS, 1300 TFC and the remaining 1000 servers were spread among the remaining mods. Admin Mod is run on over 4000 servers, so this means that Admin Mod is 3 times as popular as TFC. Its the second most popular Halflife Mod ( more servers run Admin Mod than run Q3A !!!). Sweet eh?

So to everyone invloved in the mod, good work, we are the 2nd most popular mod on the net! And to all of the game developers out there, just think what adding Admin abilities to you game could do for you.

p.s All this popularity, but still no job offers ... ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50d Released! 09.06.2001

Well, folks - Rope has just uploaded another new version of Admin Mod to the downloads area! Version 2.50d contains some bug fixes, enhancements and tweaks, as well as an updated set of documentation. The latest MetaMod DLL (v1.07.02) is also included in the download.

Please note that we have made a change in the procedure for setting up clients to access the servers in order to address possible security issues. See the documentation for more information.

Here are a few of the many changes since our last Admin Mod update:

- Resolved memory leak issue
- Client Authentication instructions and procedures modified
- New CVARs: admin_repeat_freq, admin_vote_echo, amv_autoban
- Access levels chaged for admin_exec functions
- Client_exec functions reworked to protect the innocent from injury
- You can now use * without it being recognized as a comment
- Improved bot protection

And much more. Change logs are included in the documentation. Enjoy!

-[ greghughes ]-

Another MetaMod update 07.06.2001

Will has once again amazed us all with another update to MetaMod. For those who are not familar, having an up-to-date metamod.dll file assures you will be able to run the latest supported game mods, and it assures you are getting any bug fixes when they arise.

Jump on over to to get the latest version (v1.07.02) of the .dll or .so file. It includes support for the just-released Valve Death-Match Classic (which Will worked up support for in a matter of a few hours - wow!).

-[ greghughes ]-

User.ini configuration tool 02.06.2001

Funtime has sent me this great little tool that lets you manage your users.ini file. It loads the file and helps you choose the access level for each user. You can then save the file as either a win32 or unix file for upload to your server. This should make managing your users.ini file much easier! For comments or help use the forums.
On a related note we are still waiting on KaReL's all-in-one config tool, there is just a couple of bugs to iron out :)

-[ alfred ]-

We have moved 01.06.2001 has moved to as its host. This should provide a speed boost for anyone who is not in Australia :)
(we moved due to the crappy economics of the Internet in AU ...)

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod 1.07.01 update available 25.05.2001

Will has posted an update to MetaMod over on the MetaMod web site, so if any of the below items interest you, be sure to head over there and update your metamod.dll file on your server machine. A complete list of changes is available on the web site.

  • added complete (hopefully) list of additional entities for Front Line Force 1.2a/1.3.
  • added best-guess list of entities for Day of Defeat b1.1.
  • added best-guess list of entities for Science & Industry 0.97.
  • added better guess list of entites for Action Half-Life b4.
  • shrunk entity lists for Jailbreak and Judgement to include only mod-specific entities (rather than common Valve entities which are in a separate list).
  • Fix to properly compile under MSVC.
  • and more!

-[ greghughes ]-

Updated team page 15.05.2001

The team page has been updated with the names of a special few who have really helped with Admin Mod, but asked nothing in return. These people are Wraith, Bud-froggy and Yensid.

Anyone who has read the forums will know these three because of their ability to put together a helpful post in times of need (or something like that eh guys?).

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod 1.07 Released 12.05.2001

MetaMod 1.07 has been released over at Anyone running Admin Mod 2.5 should hop on over there and grab the latest version. You'll need to replace your metamod.dll in your game's /dlls directory with the one from the MetaMod distribution.

The most visible and significant change (IMHO) is the fix of the "%s" server-crashing bug. A number of other changes are also included, so check the change log on Will's site if you want to know more.

-[ greghughes ]-

MetaMod 1.06 23.04.2001

Will has released MetaMod 1.06 over at As you should know, Admin Mod 2.50 and above uses metamod for supporting the various mods out their, so you can/should upgrade MetaMod when you have a problem or want support for the latest mods.
The 1.06 release fixes a couple bugs and Will has also update the doco on his site.

-[ alfred ]-

I'm back... 23.04.2001

Whelp, I am back and I am now a married man :)
Expect some wedding pics to be put up soon(ish), in case your interested.

In Admin Mod news, it looks like there are some issues with the 2.50 series, so only upgrade to 2.50 if you are willing to wear the bumps ;)
The Admin Mod team is working on fixing the problems (along with the help of everyone on the forums!) so be patient and you shall be rewarded ;)

-[ alfred ]-

2.50c 09.04.2001

Yes, yet another 2.50 :) This version just contains the updated doco mentioned in the post below. Only download it if you either want to install Admin Mod for the first time, or if you want to update your copy of the documentation.

-[ alfred ]-

Updated Documentation for 2.50b Available to Download 08.04.2001

The documentation for Admin Mod 2.50b has been updated and is now available for download from the help page. Several items were added and updated, so if you are one of those who wants to have the latest and greatest, go grab it. A handy access level calculator has been added to the HTML version of the docs, too. Note that the full 2.50b download file contains an older version of the documentation -- We will work on updating that for you all, as well.

-[ greghughes ]-

2.50b 07.04.2001

2.50a has a stupid bug in it (my fault), so 2.50b has just been released which fixes the problem. The patch files are only about 100kb, and you just unzip them over your current Admin directory and run the install program again. If you have problems just grab the complete 2.50b package.
This version plays friendly with TFC now :)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50a 06.04.2001

This version fixes the problem with TFC and catches the crash bugs seen in certain maps for FA and CS (and possibly other mods). The problem is that Admin Mod inserts a special timer entity into the map, and if the mod ever refers to this entity it will crash. We haven't found a good solution yet, so there may be more crash bugs, but I believe all the reported problems are fixed by this patch.

This release can be downloaded as a patch (its only about 300kb in size) so download it, unzip it over the existing Admin directory (it should overwrite 3 files) and then run the install script again (or manually copy all the files from Admin/dlls to your mods directory).

Anyway, grab it now from the Downloads page.

TFC now works with Admin Mod 2.50a !!

-[ alfred ]-

New Mod support 02.04.2001

Well, 2.50 is out so I thought I had better list the new (updated) mods it supports (care of MetaMod):
FireArms rc2.5
DoD 1.1

If any of you mod makers out there want support for your mod, just email "Will" from and he can help you out.

-[ alfred ]-

Were back! 02.04.2001

The servers are in new, friendly surrounds (i.e ones we can afford :). The DNS changes are propagating as we speak.

-[ alfred ]-

Server downtime 01.04.2001

The admin mod servers are moving to new premises (with a much better deal :) so they will be offline from about 6pm EST (EST being Eastern Standard Time in Australia) for about 4 hours on the 2 April 2001. There will also be an IP address change, so it may take a day for the DNS changes to propagate.
So grab AM 2.50 while you still can ;)

-[ alfred ]-

MySQL version 01.04.2001

Just so all you MySQL fans know you haven't been forgotten, we do remember that we need to release a MySQL port. We have been focusing on the normal version, and once that is settled down we plan on releasing the MySQL version (say in a week or so). I don't think much will change from 2.10b on the DB side of things, but if you want them to make sure you tell us now :)

-[ alfred ]-

MetaMod issue 01.04.2001

If you are having a problem where the server quits right as it starts up, it could be because MetaMod cannot detect the server type properly. This is due to the directory names using capital letters, rather than lower case.
A version which ignores case in filenames can be downloaded here:
Just download the file and copy it over the existing metamod.dll in your mods dll directory (i.e cstrike/dlls/ ).

-[ alfred ]-

Another 2.5 feature 31.03.2001

Just a useful tidbit for all you server admins, admin mod now supports the entering of ANY admin command via the server console. All you need to is prefix the command with "admin_command" and it will work from the server console (i.e "admin_command admin_csay hey").
This ability will also enable programs such as PunkBuster and hlds_ld to add a set of features they have never dreamed of, because anything you can script the programs can access. Watch out for a admin_llama version of PB soon ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod 2.50 31.03.2001

After months of hard toil from the Admin Mod team, version 2.50 is out!
This version is a giant leap in functionality, with things like metamod,plugin scripts and a new timer system. This version has to be seen to be believed.
As well as new features, Greg has worked hard to provide us with some useful documentation, which can be accessed here.

NOTE- this version DOES NOT currently work under TFC. We are investigating the problem with Valve and hope to have it fixed ASAP.

You can download the Linux or Windows version from the downloads page.

-[ alfred ]-

Server Down Time 16.03.2001

The server is going to be down for an hour or two starting from 11am on Monday (19/03/2001). A new hard disk and ram is being installed :)

-[ alfred ]-

2.11 Status 25.02.2001

I was going to post this on the forum, but I think everyone could be interested.
The code base for 2.11 is progressing well. The code for MetaMod has been intergrated, Jag's new scripting system (plugins) has been intergrated and I have redone the timer system and fixed lots of bugs.
However, all this new code has introduced some bugs and we are still hunting them down. On a personal front my life has got extremely busy
(mainly because of my wedding :) ), so I have not been able to spend the time on Admin Mod that is needed.
So, the 2.11 release is going to be done by someone else on the coding team (it looks like it will be Jaguar at the moment), and he is busy trying to find and fix the bugs now. We do not want to release a buggy version however, so the release date is "when its done".
Well, that is a long post, but it should update everyone on the status of Admin Mod. Oh, and if anyone is board (and can code) feel free to grab the source code out of the CVS server and fix bugs or add new features :)


-[ alfred ]-

New version of ServerInfo released with Admin Mod support 09.02.2001

Serverinfo by Terry now supports admin mod, and in particular it understands the concept of reserved slots. So if you are annoyed by reserve_slots continually stopping you from entering a game grab serverinfo!
It also has support for all the popular mods (FireArms for eg ;), and it has some novel features.

-[ alfred ]-

Updated FAQ 04.02.2001

I have updated the FAQ page with 3 new Question and Answers. They are:

  • How do I enter my CLIENT password into admin mod?
  • How do I uninstall Admin Mod?
  • How can I protect my clan tag?

So pop on over there if you have problems. And if the answers are confusing drop a question in the forums.

-[ alfred ]-

German Translation of Help Guide 03.02.2001

Philipp has kindly done a translation of the help guide to German, so now you can read the help in your mother tounge :) Just click on the config link to download it.

-[ alfred ]-

Team Page 21.01.2001

If everyone will just cast their eye's to the left you will notice a new link, "the team". This page just gives a little detail about the people currently involved with helping out with Admin Mod. It only contains active members, for a complete list of people who have helped check out the "credits" page.

-[ alfred ]-

New help page 19.01.2001

Victor had a problem with the help pages, so (unlike some) he decided to fix the problem :) Check out the config page for the new guide for Win32 (windows) users.

-[ alfred ]-

New MySQL version 19.01.2001

I have just re-released the 2.10b version of the MySQL version with the linux binary compiled under RedHat 6.1 (read glibc 2.1). So, this should solve all those loading problems for non RedHat 7.0 users :)
(oh, if you want a linux distribution to install for programming, DO NOT choose RedHat 7.0. I hear Debian is good...)

-[ alfred ]-

Updated MySQL version 17.01.2001

This is an interim release for MySQL users. It fixes the "everyone authing" problem. It also has a couple other MySQL related fixes. Please note - this is BARELY tested, there may be huge bugs in it (I don't think there is, but ...).
Anyway, 2.10b can be downloaded from the downloads page. Also note that this version is built for glibc 2.1 machines, not older machines.

-[ alfred ]-

2.11 14.01.2001

While I am in a posting mood I should do an update about 2.11.
First, let me say I am suprised at the result of the poll, I did not realise that people wanted such stable releases (remember, the v2 series is still beta...). Anyway, that result is going to alter my development plans a bit.
However, I have had a deluge of patches/enchancements from Jag, Florian (Da Rope on the forums), Will and Joe so 2.11 will have some cool new features (and if Will's project pays off, an new way of thinking of plugins ;).
Anyway, even tho release dates are very fluid I want to get 2.11 out in a month or so (with lots of bug fixes (read MySQL working,authentication stuff simplified or more verbose,...)).

-[ alfred ]-

New banner ad 14.01.2001

Okay, I expect everyone has noticed the new banner add at the bottom of the news. Now, even tho I hate them this one has two things going for it. The first is that it is for open source and linux based items, so its the good kind of ads (does such a beast exist??).
The second good (read excellent) point is that it quickly gains points you can redeem for stuff at the VA Linux shop (read here for details).
Anyway, I am going to try it out for a bit and see if I can clothe the whole admin mod team :) (seeing as gets around 400,000 hits a month, we should own VA Linux by the end of the year ;).


-[ alfred ]-

I'm back 09.01.2001

Whelp, I am rested up and ready for some admin mod coding action. ITs great to see the community that has been built up, I will be creating a "team" page soon to give some well deserved credit where it is due.

And I hope everyone has a good new year :)

-[ alfred ]-

Weapons restriction script 09.01.2001

This should really be on the scripting site, but its such a asked for feature I had to post about it.
Joe has created an admin mod script which lets you (the admin) restrict the usage of weapons in Counter-Strike. Go to for more information.

-[ alfred ]-



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What is MS SQL Server?



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