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Admin Mod NEWS


LogD Parser Add-On Now Available! 28.07.2001

Kndroc, Wraith, and Bud-froggy got together recently to forge ahead with some often-requested and much-needed functionality that could not be offered without some serious coding being done. Thus was born the idea for LogD. Rather than trying to describe it to you, here is an exceprt from the LogD Web site:

Log Deamon, also known as LogD, is what all server admins using Admin Mod have always wanted. A Meta Mod plugin and an Admin Mod add-on, LogD is the equivalent to a log parser, only better. By catching API calls sent by the game engine, it has the same effect as log parsing, except that it catches the events before they are logged, resulting in no delays from network traffic. LogD's reaction time is therefore faster than any other parser.

Using this nifty little plugin-in, you can trigger Admin Mod commands depending on the events. The stock plugin comes with an array of interesting Admin Mod plugins, including, but not limited to Team Kill Detection, Killing Spree Announcements and Knife Arena.
So, head on over and check it out!

-[ greghughes ]-

Updated French Version 26.07.2001

dJeyL has been busy updating the french "port" of admin mod. So, if french is your native tongue head over to the french site (see the link just to the right ;)

-[ alfred ]-

Admin Mod interview with Challenge CS 21.07.2001

mode6nine just finished an interview with me about Admin Mod, the text can be seen on Challenge CS. (Archived page)

-[ alfred ]-

FA 2.5 and Admin Mod 12.07.2001

[ME]GutwrencheR sent me a great writeup about how to get FA rc2.5 and Admin Mod working together, you can view it here.

-[ alfred ]-

Metamod updated for Gunman Chronicals 09.07.2001

Another update to Metamod - The latest version is v1.08.02 (Jul 6).

Notable changes in this version include:
- Added mod recognition and entities for Gunman Chronicles.
- Added list of supported mods to docs.
- Made a couple of changes to better work with MSVC.

The list of supported game mods is now maintained at: and the Metamod web site for more information and to download the latest version is located at

-[ greghughes ]-

csmerkezi interview 03.07.2001

I have just finished an interview about Admin Mod with the guys from csmerkezi, a Turkish CS website. This is the first real Admin Mod interview I have done, so jump on over to to them and have a good read (all you Turkish readers can read it in your mother tounge).

-[ alfred ]-

ServerSpy 03.07.2001

Version 2.2 of a game management tool called ServerSpy has been released over at Goonsquad.
It features Admin Mod support for TK punishment (and my guess is the integration with Admin Mod can easily be extended ;), so it could be a good solution for all you win32 admins!

-[ alfred ]-



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